Sunday, April 6, 2014

That girl...

It has been very quiet around here, but with good reason. I needed time to sort out priorities and directions, some good, some bad. I  feel I owe you all an explanation. It's not coming yet. Today, I have something much better...

It's with pride and excitement that I introduce you to my beautiful friend's new blog:

 Nicolette Hegyes: illustration, adventures and everything along the way...

You've probably seen her before: here, here and here.

You know what they say... Gentlemen prefer blondes

She has beauty, she has grace, she's Miss United... wait, no... but seriously, the beauty and grace thing!

Nicolette is one of the most stylish young ladies you will meet, though her blog showcases another one of her enviable talents: her artwork. Her illustrations are stunning; a perfect combination of whimsy and realism. For a few years, I've been blessed with amazing Christmas and birthday cards (see below) and one very, very beautiful hand-painted silk scarf (one of my most prized possessions). Just recently, she's begun selling her work. If you're interested, contact her through her blog.

"Foxy lady" birthday card

One of my favourites

Beautiful floral details

Check out Nicolette's blog to brighten up your winter days and let me assure you, I am still kicking, but probably in a different way than I did before. Things have been murky and odd, but there's something on the horizon and I think it will be good.

Love x

Monday, January 20, 2014

New meets Old: Leona Edminston

Leona Edminston make extremely comfortable jersey dresses in a range of flattering styles. A mix of fashion forward and classics. Ideal for hot, humid summer days.
Here I am wearing two of my Leona Edminston dresses.

What do you wear when the weather gets unbearable?

Monday, January 13, 2014

New meets Old: Review

Next in my New meets Old series is... Review.
Review is all about feminine charm. There's a good mix between cocktail and work wear with lots of full skirts to choose from. There's also a selection of little black dresses and floral prints.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

All I want is you

On the weekend I was delighted to celebrate the wedding of a new friend of mine.
I am normally quite the cold cynic, but honestly I melted at this wedding, particularly when I saw the bride and groom exchange quick glances or meaningful stares. 
Watching them, watch each other, with so much love and happiness... 
It was sweet, heartfelt and beautiful. 

dress & clutch - thrifted
suede heels - Jo Mercer
earrings - Sydney Love Vintage Fair '13


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New meets Old: Allannah Hill

Continuing my New meets Old series is Alannah Hill.

Quirky, feminine and fun. Allannah Hill makes great statement pieces. The accesorie range is renowned for its large range of headbands, scarfs and fascinators. Perfect if you desire to follow in Blair Waldorf's hallowed footsteps.

Frivolous and whimsical.
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Monday, January 6, 2014

New meets Old: Elise Design

I love the mid-century aesthetic but buying vintage isn't always practical, comfortable or affordable. Reproduction brands can be wonderful, but there aren't a huge range in Australia and sometimes I find their looks a bit "same-same" and too rockabilly.
That's why I often find myself buying things at modern shops and adding a few vintage twists at home. "New meets Old" will feature top Australian brands that design feminine, mid-century style clothes.

Elise Design makes beautiful dresses in a range of shapes and sizes. They are well made and come in a range of great prints. They also stock some awesome shoes!

In an Elise Design dress

Do you have any favourite modern brands?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Skincare Saviours

My feelings on skincare swing between two extremes: the cynic in me fails to believe the hyped up claims, while the dreamer in me desperately hopes they will deliver. I'm ashamed to admit my vanity, but looking good sometimes does make such a difference to your day. In 2013 I stumbled across these two products that I think are quite effective.
This is the best make-up remover I've ever used. It's extremely gentle but still removes all traces of makeup. I used to struggle with raccoon eyes, even switched mascaras in order to rid myself of them. This cleanser easily removes any grey smudges and it doesn't leave any oily residue. Is it worth the cost in Australia? Maybe... it's up to you. If you are happy with your current remover, don't bother. But if you happen to be visiting France, or have a friend who is, perhaps ask for them to bring you back a sample.

I splurged on this peel kit before I graduated, wanting my skin to glow on the day. It is costly, but the price equates to the same as one salon peel or facial. I personally found it more effective than a salon peel and you can use it for around 3 months. I used it in place of my regular exfoliating scrub, once a week. I don't think the results are as amazing as the blurb claims, but for the first time I got comments on how "beautiful my skin was" and how it was "glowing". Of course, this could have been from some other factor, but I did notice that it helped clear my skin when I had breakouts. A good product to consider before an important occasion or if you think your skin could do with some revitalizing. 
What's your top skincare products?