Monday, February 28, 2011

What you know

First day of a new semester and a night out, I am excited (albeit nervous)! I think this song captures the mood. True to form, instead of doing some important reading, I am distracting myself with outfit choices. What do you think, red hot or polka-dot?

Here I am doing some last minute essential preparations; pin curls and half moon manicures!
The stress is clearly getting to me!

Here is my noisy miner friend, knighted Sir Tweetsalot, who's kept me busy all weekend.

Anyway, I might trial a pill box hat tonight, hopefully the results will be as intriguing as the following young lady!
Though I'm not sure the opera house would approve of this dress code...
Have a great day chickadees!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Piper's song

A quiet song for your Sunday and some outfit shots from my window shopping with the girls.

Dress - Op Shop (Balmain) originally Country Road
Shoes - Melissa
Cardigan - Just Jeans
Necklace - Birthday present from James
Headband - Alannah Hill
Lips - Revlon "Colorburst" True Red (090)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Shakey

Too cute not to post!
Isn't that just superb?

La Vie en Rose

Finally got around to seeing Black Swan today! It's how I prefer my thrillers, with a touch of glitz and pyshcodrama. Not too scary, but definately has its cringe inducing moments. The costume work is stunning, and the classic Swan Lake refrain really pulls you in. It's engaging to watch how an obsession can crumble a person and overall, I'd see it again, but only if I'm prepared for a pretty serious two hours.
Dress - Alannah Hill
Bag - glomesh imitation from James' grandmother
shoes - Rubi shoes
stockings - What Katie Did (UK)
Pearl necklace - Birthday gift from James
Hair Clip - made by me!

I'm getting much better at the "Eternal Roll" hairdo, followed from a tutorial by Freelancer's Fashionblog; A nice little blog of vintage dressing and lifestyle.
Here's the tutorial:

Rolling in the deep

Had brunch with Schmomas a few days ago at Chicken and Fishhead in Beecroft, seems to be a favourite destination of mine lately. Reasonably priced (compared to the rest of the cafes in my area) and I think the colourful children's toys do wonders to brighten the spirit. Didn't bring my camera, so here's a quick shot of what I wore once I got home.

Dress - Vinnies (Pennant Hills) originally Princess Highway
Belt - Forever New
Nice light outfit for a hot day! Also, here's two songs that have been playing on my mind.

I love the bluesy attitude and how they echo a 1960's vibe. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If I knew you were coming

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been particularly hectic! Though luckily I've sorted out my timetable, ordered books, re-moved back into my old room and baked a scrumptious lemon tart!
Thought I'd show you some pictures of my newly organised room and what I've been up to.

This typewriter was a gift for 20th birthday from James and my friends. For months he'd been bragging about what he was going to get me and for years I'd been dreaming of a gorgeous vintage typewriter to call my own. Late last year, after a particularly horrible day, I found a perfect one in a tiny antique store. James went off to find out the price, but to my disappointment it was already sold. I was devastated.

Time rolled by and before too long it was my birthday. As the wrapping came off, I knew I was in love. From the leather case, right down to the plinkecty keys, this is the machine for me. And no, it's not the one from the antique store. That was all an elaborate hoax. Turns out James had already bought my machine months before, so he had to convince the dealer (and himself) to con me.

I think that's an acceptable lie!

My room. Dita Von Teese Perrier wallpaper. Winnie the pooh. Love letter. Bird cage from Hilary. Post-it note mosaic.
For my first sewing project, I've started a pattern from the Australian Home Journal (March 1st, 1945), hopefully the results will be lovely...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a lovely day tomorrow

Another pyjama day, so instead here are some pictures from spring! In keeping with the title of this post, Al Bowlly's wartime ditty, my outfit was inspired by the women involved in the war effort.


Dress - 1940's American girl guide uniform
Bag - Vinnie's (Pennant Hills)
Belt - hand-me-down from Mum
Shoes - Vinnies (Pennant Hills)
Seamed stockings - What Katie Did (UK)
Hat - gift from Thomas, thrifted

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green eyes

I found a stunning green gown at the St Ives Vinnies last week and I couldn't wait for an event to share it with you! Judging by the tag, seams and zipper, I think I've narrowed it's age to somewhere in the early to mid sixties and using the Vintage Fashion Guild, I found this little tidbit about the company:

In 1954, Frenchman Daniel Tribouillard joined the textile firm of Jacques Leonard. In 1958 the company decided to expand into garment-making, and Tribouillard was made the designer of this new business, Leonard Fashion. The company was known for their brightly colored prints, which are ofter compared to those of Pucci. Starting around 1970, Leonard used a printed silk jersey for their designs.

Leonard is still open today, with over 100 boutiques worldwide. The designer is now Veronique Leroy, with Daniel Tribouillard acting as CEO of the company

This is a great website to use when trying to identify vintage clothing, especially when you've found an old tag that doesn't look familiar.
The dress is a tad too big, but I'm trying to alter it and if not, then I'm sure to find it a happy home.  

 excuse the bins in the background...

Fall at your feet

Spent the day cleaning and organising. Again! All very frustrating, but here are some pictures from a better time.

Dress - Vinnie's
Shoes - Rubi shoes
Belt - an old one from mum
Bag - Glomesh imitation from Vinnie's (Pennant Hills)

 Last week, browsing books in Glebe. I happily left with a great pin-up book and if that doesn't cheer you up, here's some jelly! (My first homemade jelly, made with real lemons and leaf gelatine from the recipe in Bompas and Parr's book "Jelly")

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thistle and weeds

Feeling decidely "un" everything today. Perhaps it's the weather or perhaps it's the fact I have to work out what I want to do with my life... whatever the reason, today I'm giving you a quick tutorial for knitting a headband.
If you don't know how to knit, this is a nice project to start with as it's simple and the result can be quite nice! This website is a great help, just follow the pictures and remember that you can always pull the stitches out and start again if it's not working!
For my headband, I cast on 12 stitches and kept knitting rows (garter stitch) until it was long enough to wrap around my head. (Remember, knitted garments have a fair amount of stretch, so if in doubt underestimate the length needed.) Cast off, leaving a 30cm length of wool which you can then use to sew the ends togethor and form a loop. That's your headband!
For the bow, I cast on 8 stitches and after knitting to the size I wanted; cast off, wrapped wool around the middle and stitched it in place. There you go, done!
Here's some pics of how mine turned out, excuse the poor photography, I really wasn't in the mood this morning...

Now for some Mumford & Sons

Monday, February 14, 2011

It might as well be spring

Just a quick poem I wrote today, still undecided about some lines. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Have a nice day!

Spring cleaning

Last night I sprung my room.

My room

was furious.

Unawares, I kept cleaning

Antiseptic artillery

Purifying air raids

Deodorising D-day

The endless assault began.

I choked on dust fortifications,

tripped on yesterday’s socks and lone jumper

The front was disinfected.

Barbed blankets,

Lingerie grenades

blocked paths but I expunged

The challengers sunk in the sink.

In a last ditch attempt,

The room took its hostages

The combat ceased as we clarified the situation

We raked our brains, scoured the sources,

Brushed away the press

Before throwing down the brush

At two am the dust bunny was surrendered

She feinted in a vacuum of defeat

We celebrated with cheers,

“Windex all round!”

Glasses chinked and spilt, crumbs fell to the floor.

In the morning,

my room

Defeat crept up over me


Puttin' on the Ritz

Last night nine lovely ladies, one gent and I, set off for some burlesque at the Arthouse Hotel. It was a fantastic night made better by strawberry and lime cider, good friends and great clothes. Only downside, Rita Fontain's "burlesque performance" (I use quotation marks heavily, because in my eyes, poor caberet singing and little understanding of the stage does not make for quality entertainment. First time I've ever heard Nina Simone's voice and not equated it to sensuality). Luckily, Imogen Kelly and Briana Bluebell won everyone over with flamingo puppets and extraordinary fans!
Jacket and skirt - vintage (from Canterbury fair '10)
Shoes - Wittner
Hair feathers - old ballet costume
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red

James' coat - Vintage YSL
Pants - Blaq (from Myer)
Vest and shirt - Oxford
Tie - Target
Shoes - Vinnies (St Ives)

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blue skies around the corner

An early morning dance class and now onto cleaning! Here's my outfit for today, a combination of new shoes and pin curl experimentation.

 Top- Portmans
Skirt- Vinnies (Pennant Hills)
Belt- gift from Hilary
Shoes- Melissa Australia (Temptation in Red Floc)
Scarf- Garage sale

A first for my hair. I pin curled it over night, and then since the weather was sticky, I only undid the top curls. The curls at the back were brushed down and tied under the scarf. Then I arranged the front curls and pinned them in place.
Now, time to get to work!
Image source and a touch of history on the iconic picture:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet dreams (are made of this)

My first creative writing for the blog, tell me what you think.


I make my cake and eat it too.

Kiss me, run your hands over my body. Lick the icing before it hardens. Matt my hair beneath our heads; a makeshift pillow in desperate times. Rake your fingers through and become trapped.

Watch my precision, my timing, eloquence and grace fall away, till I am just touch, a feeling. Watch solitary strands cling to damp skin as limbs contort. Make me drunk on oxygen, heady after each breath, intoxicated.

Unwrap me. Let me peel off your protection, press my teeth against the foil and scrape away what is left. Salvia pools in delicate places, we shudder and consume our ecstasy.

Watch my skin rise and fall like greedy mountains that gobble. My skin is white flour, satiny. Falling away at the slightest breeze and catching in your throat. You lick your lips. Sickly sweet.

But between us, him and I, the bowl lies in wait and our hands move in symphony. The butter glides over anniversaries, dates and rings. We melt together on the couch, whilst I measure out my life with coffee spoons. His hands slip around my waist, my neck, my feet, kneading the dough, stirring the sugar.

Time rises with the clock and dust settles like the years. He brings me tea in bed, weak but comforting, the tea leaves dance around the rim, around my mouth. Drops and crumbs adorn my sheets, a sepia film. We laugh and collapse into a pile of feathers, tossing my duvet into whipped cream.

We are creating something, making mistakes. He pours too much, but I am always dry. I teach him how to fold. Carefully our linen merges together, stolen jerseys and woollen socks, blended with fresh cashmere purchases. My closet engulfs his, but I spend my years dressed in the smallest threads, more naked than naked. He’s watched me undress, slip between the sheets. Caused me, watched me, stopped me crying myself to sleep. I bake a life for him.

But then with you...

Everything is different. We knock over bowls; you rip the satin, throw eggs on the floor and drip milk over my body, in haste, in desperation. There is delicious destruction. Ravaging ravishment. You are noxious. A wicked binge. Toxic.

After the gluttony, I look at the mess I’ve created and feel sick.

That's the kind of sugar papa likes!

For the past two years I've hosted Christmas at my house, in a sort of "Eve of the Eve" celebration where all my friends can get togethor, have a nice meal and exchange gifts. I really like the idea of tradition and for me, the memory of us all laughing as we belt out cheesy tunes and chase down christmas lights is something really special.
Plus, it gives me a chance to build my very own gingerbread house and play Martha Stewart!
Here was my first attempt in '09 with the lovely Erin.

In case you were wondering, yes that is a roof made of cardboard with raspberry straps glued on (with icing of course!). Though notice the nerd fish pond and hand crafted letter box! Perhaps it's just a little quaint, here was my house this year made from an altered design on this website:

After I'd baked the pieces, construction began...

Though, lovely Lauren and I aren't the neatest chefs...


Here's the final product

So, what do you think? A bit of an improvement? The plan next year is for either a gothic castle (complete with chains, ghosts and cobwebs) or a fairytale castle, with lots of fairy floss!