Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green eyes

I found a stunning green gown at the St Ives Vinnies last week and I couldn't wait for an event to share it with you! Judging by the tag, seams and zipper, I think I've narrowed it's age to somewhere in the early to mid sixties and using the Vintage Fashion Guild, I found this little tidbit about the company:

In 1954, Frenchman Daniel Tribouillard joined the textile firm of Jacques Leonard. In 1958 the company decided to expand into garment-making, and Tribouillard was made the designer of this new business, Leonard Fashion. The company was known for their brightly colored prints, which are ofter compared to those of Pucci. Starting around 1970, Leonard used a printed silk jersey for their designs.

Leonard is still open today, with over 100 boutiques worldwide. The designer is now Veronique Leroy, with Daniel Tribouillard acting as CEO of the company

This is a great website to use when trying to identify vintage clothing, especially when you've found an old tag that doesn't look familiar.
The dress is a tad too big, but I'm trying to alter it and if not, then I'm sure to find it a happy home.  

 excuse the bins in the background...


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress and gorgeous photos! What size is this dress? If you were to sell, what price would you be asking?

Sarah said...

Thank you anon. I am tossing up whether to have it altered to fit me (it's a little too big) or to sell, if I did sell it I think I'd be asking for at least $100. x