Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If I knew you were coming

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been particularly hectic! Though luckily I've sorted out my timetable, ordered books, re-moved back into my old room and baked a scrumptious lemon tart!
Thought I'd show you some pictures of my newly organised room and what I've been up to.

This typewriter was a gift for 20th birthday from James and my friends. For months he'd been bragging about what he was going to get me and for years I'd been dreaming of a gorgeous vintage typewriter to call my own. Late last year, after a particularly horrible day, I found a perfect one in a tiny antique store. James went off to find out the price, but to my disappointment it was already sold. I was devastated.

Time rolled by and before too long it was my birthday. As the wrapping came off, I knew I was in love. From the leather case, right down to the plinkecty keys, this is the machine for me. And no, it's not the one from the antique store. That was all an elaborate hoax. Turns out James had already bought my machine months before, so he had to convince the dealer (and himself) to con me.

I think that's an acceptable lie!

My room. Dita Von Teese Perrier wallpaper. Winnie the pooh. Love letter. Bird cage from Hilary. Post-it note mosaic.
For my first sewing project, I've started a pattern from the Australian Home Journal (March 1st, 1945), hopefully the results will be lovely...

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Thomas Bergin said...

one day I'll be worthy of your wall...
skinny dip in the last shot?