Monday, February 14, 2011

It might as well be spring

Just a quick poem I wrote today, still undecided about some lines. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Have a nice day!

Spring cleaning

Last night I sprung my room.

My room

was furious.

Unawares, I kept cleaning

Antiseptic artillery

Purifying air raids

Deodorising D-day

The endless assault began.

I choked on dust fortifications,

tripped on yesterday’s socks and lone jumper

The front was disinfected.

Barbed blankets,

Lingerie grenades

blocked paths but I expunged

The challengers sunk in the sink.

In a last ditch attempt,

The room took its hostages

The combat ceased as we clarified the situation

We raked our brains, scoured the sources,

Brushed away the press

Before throwing down the brush

At two am the dust bunny was surrendered

She feinted in a vacuum of defeat

We celebrated with cheers,

“Windex all round!”

Glasses chinked and spilt, crumbs fell to the floor.

In the morning,

my room

Defeat crept up over me



James said...

I love this poem sarah,
Very much how a feel as i just cleaned my room yet everything seems to be creeping back and i only just left it.
I did indeed shout "windex all around"

Sarah said...

I hope you didn't drink it silly, Im not sure it'd taste so good... :P x