Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jump, jive and wail!

Have you ever wished you could step back in time? Dance the night away in a decadent dance palace, sipping cocktails and being caught in an array of crinolines and swing?
I have, and for one lucky night this year I got to live out my fantasy at the Trocadero dance palace, reimagined by the folks from Sydney Festival. As the website describes "Sydney’s original Trocadero had its heyday in the 1940s and 50s with lindy-hoppers, swingsters, rockabillies and cha cha cha-ers dancing the nights away in all their finery." Unfortunately it was destroyed in the 1970's leaving Sydney with a little less swing and a lot of sadness, until now...
Celebrating the newly refurbished Town Hall, for four nights this summer, it was transformed into swing heaven! My first impression arriving at the Hall was complete awe, it really is a stunning building. That aside, it was also spectacularly decorated with old fashioned neon signage, a glorious amber glow and of course, one hell of a chandelier!

Inside we were meet by a Cointreau pop up bar serving vintage inspired drinks. Then inside, we quickly snarred a spot and joined in the swing dance class. So fun and completely changed my perception of swing! I'm ashamed to say I've always seen it as a slow jive, but Derek from Swing Patrol made the steps simple and it was probably the best part of the night! After that, it was time for the all female big band, a demonstration by the professionals and some wild dancing!
The night was made complete by the people, dressed in their best, it really was a treat to see so many people vintage inspired gear. Even the lovely folk from Cointreu were adorned in delightful black suits with orange bow ties and suspenders, making the most superb side car I've ever tasted! (recipe and beautiful Dita video after the jump

The lovely crowd

The only flaws was the slightly poor organisation. The floor simply wasn't big enough for everyone to dance, espeically swing dance, so they really needed to seperate it somehow. Also we were kicked out at 10pm, which put a bad end to a good night. Again, I put this down to organisation, because they hadn't made it calre that they'd booked a second event that night and many people thought we'd be dancing till dawn.
Overall, a great night, if there's another chance I'll definately go again! Here's the pics!
I'm wearing a 1950's chiffon strapless dress borrowed from my gorgeous friend Nicolette, and this was my first attempt at a rather dramatic 1940's inspired hair style. (A tip from Dita that I invoked: if ever there's a mistake, cover it with a flower!)

What do you think? As you can see, I took Dita's advice liberally!
In bed, ready to collapse (after some shameless posing!)

p.s. The title of today's post comes from Brian Setzer, who is simply smashing if you're looking for some modern swing! (He also makes for some great, non-ear-ripping christmas music, but more on that another day...)


Thomas Bergin said...

Sounds like a very Sarah night!
You look gorgeous in the shameless bed pose :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Thomas, you're offically my first reader!

Anonymous said...

You looked so georgous!!! Wonderful Photographs!