Thursday, February 10, 2011

That's the kind of sugar papa likes!

For the past two years I've hosted Christmas at my house, in a sort of "Eve of the Eve" celebration where all my friends can get togethor, have a nice meal and exchange gifts. I really like the idea of tradition and for me, the memory of us all laughing as we belt out cheesy tunes and chase down christmas lights is something really special.
Plus, it gives me a chance to build my very own gingerbread house and play Martha Stewart!
Here was my first attempt in '09 with the lovely Erin.

In case you were wondering, yes that is a roof made of cardboard with raspberry straps glued on (with icing of course!). Though notice the nerd fish pond and hand crafted letter box! Perhaps it's just a little quaint, here was my house this year made from an altered design on this website:

After I'd baked the pieces, construction began...

Though, lovely Lauren and I aren't the neatest chefs...


Here's the final product

So, what do you think? A bit of an improvement? The plan next year is for either a gothic castle (complete with chains, ghosts and cobwebs) or a fairytale castle, with lots of fairy floss!

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