Sunday, March 6, 2011


On Friday I had an outfit all picked out, but did a last minute change, which I then regretted for the rest of that hot, sweaty day. Unfortunately (or not, since I'm sure my overheating wasn't a good look), I didn't take any pics of the final outfit, but did get some of the initial choice. Also, I look a little washed out in the following since I apply my red lips last and completely forgot in the hurry. Mistakes registered and noted for next time.

Dress - hand-me-down
Headband - Lovisa

Although, one good thing did come out of the hot weather. As I sweltered away on the train I came up with another burlesque routine to add to my already large (yet unrealised) portfolio.

In case your wondering, yes, that is an egg at the top. Think, Black Swan meets Muse's New Born; something a bit alien, a bit strange and a touch dangerous.


Thomas Bergin said...

I think you are just as beautiful without lipstick

Thomas Bergin said...

also, would dice happen to be a reference to the song by Finley Quaye?

Sarah said...

It does refer to that song, yessum.