Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drops of Jupiter

Todays been very bumpy; woke up glorious, went to university with the morale as robust as a cauliflower and came home with a smile due to some very lovely ladies. Must say, however tragic, after my long summer break even a quick hour lecture exhausts me! Definately looking forward to the weekend, which promises a vintage fashion show, a boisterous night out and thai with tiny cousins!
Ever feel like you are running around, but getting nowhere?
Skirt - Vinnie's (Pennant Hills)
Top - Susan's (yes, pyjamas!)
Shoes - Vinnies (Pennant Hills)
Belt - inherited from Mum
Headband - Alannah Hill

A touch of gothic

My Bambi bag that has provided many smiles! Crafted and sewn by my lovely Miss Lauren, thankyou!

Feeling trapped.

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Thomas Bergin said...

love the twirling pic
hope you aren't feeling trapped for long