Friday, March 18, 2011

A girl like you

Following me around yesterday was Edwyn Collin's "A girl like you", a perfect accompaniment to dreary university and then delightful dining! I even managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping between the two.

Bought this cute fascinator from Vinnies (Newtown) but more importantly, look at the design behind it! I found this wrapping paper by British company "Dupenny" and couldn't resist! It's my dream to look that adorable when I'm at home playing the housewife! Though it looks a little odd having a big square of wrapping paper posted on my wall, everytime I look up from my computer I can't help but smile. 
These lashes were a bargain! I love the look of false lashes but don't wear them often as they tend to be quite expensive (as well as attention grabbing). These styles are a little more avant-garde than I'm used to and so they might be a bit too dramatic for me, but at only $12 for the lot I thought they were well worth a try! I'll be sure to take pictures of the results.

Finally, here's a quick picture of what I wore yesterday. Unfortunately it's not a great photo, my camera doesn't seem to cope well with night time. I put in pin curls the night before but by the time I got home and got around to taking the picture most had dropped due to humidity. Still, it gives you a rough idea of my day yesterday...
Anyway, for those who have Fridays off, have a great weekend! For those (like me) destined to university, only one more day till the weekend! Thank goodness it's Friday!


Thomas Bergin said...

I'm sure you will most definitely look like that around the house! A few more adorable racy clothing binges are in order :P
You wore fake eyelashes at halloween yeh?
very magical and mesmerising

Sarah said...

Hmm... to achieve those looks I think alot more clothing binges are in order! (and yes, that was one of the few times I've worn lashes, they are indeed magical things!)