Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello baby!

Grrr! This weather is killing me! Sure it's hot and humid, but blue skies on my day off!?! Honestly, how I long to be at the beach in some adorable swimmers; laying in the sun, eating icecreams on a gingham rug, dancing to this song!

Instead, I'll leave you with some photos from yesterday and get to work on the next assessment. One down... who knows how many I have left to do!

Bums! My veil has a hole... Still love it though, it reminds me of broken spider webs.

Wanted to show you some pictures of the back of my hair, but sorry the quality is so poor because the bathroom mirror needs a clean. It's quite easy, but I think, quite effective style (especially useful if you like the look of low buns but find your hair always slips out, like mine!). I'll try to do a tutorial, if you'd like?

What do you think of my mum's old spotty tights? I was obsessed with them today! As I'm sure you'll be able to see in the next few pictures...

Top - S.E.S.
Skirt - Vinnie's (Pennant Hills)
Belt and Tights - hand-me-down from Mum
Shoes - Target or K-mart, can't remember, it was a very long time ago!
Hat - Vinnie's

My 1940's suit jacket, that I'm tragically yet to wear. Weather, listen Mr, it's time you shaped up and gave us some real summer or real winter! Much love, Sarah


Thomas Bergin said...

love the tights and the whole get-up,
it works well with the simple tight black top

Sarah said...

Thankyou! the tights are fun, the spots are little fuzzy velvet bits!

Anonymous said...

dying here
where is my update?

Sarah said...

New blog post in the making! :P