Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I feel it all

I generally don't like to share my writing until I am sure that I am happy with it or (after much deliberation) have come to some sort of impasse. However, what blogging lacks in perfection it makes up for in immediacy, and since I don't think I'll have much time for creative writing over the semester I am posting "as is".


Your thumb nurses my brow. Soothes the coarse bristles flat, encourages the veins to cool. Calamity unfolds to calm.

A drop of salt gently stings the blister on your palm. Breath shudders, christening a saline crust on your skin. Tiny crystals; inconsequential to the naked eye. I know you feel its powdery form, but your moves are seamless. With an exhale, you pull the stitches from my chest.
Moving slowly from chin to nose. Over trembling lips, you follow the strands as they crest on my lobe.

I coerce my lids to remain calm, refuse them crinkles or twitches. I push them to look as if they are not pulled; natural, gentle, structured by muscles ignited by a desire to be inactive.

You pulse my temple to an easy beat.

I feel life is not as hard.

I am sheltered under muscle and bone.


Thankyou for reading, please comment and tell me your thoughts.

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