Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ivory tower

My first day at uni was a complete flop saved only by a fantastic night out at the theatre, but more on that another day. Today I'll just do an outfit post and later in the week I'll catch you up with some writing.
 Inspired by last nights 19th century play, I tried a more traditional bun with twists and curls.

Florals and bows today
Update: I got a reply from the lovely Ulrika of Freelancer’s Fashionblog! I came home today and found not one, but two comments! It absolutely made my day and I’m so flattered she took the time to read my blog. If you’re interested in vintage fashion, lifestyle and burlesque, follow the link to her page: http://freelancersfashion.blogspot.com/
Meanwhile, today I was asked why I wore gloves in such humid, sticky weather. I made up some excuse about the weather being colder when I left the house, about not wishing to lose them, about being a fool. Yet this isn’t true, the truth is that looking down and seeing those sweet white gloves makes something inside me twitter. I adore the delicate leather and the dainty stitching, and when I put them on and walk through the streets I somehow feel more lady-like, more glamorous, and surer than I would in just a singlet and jeans. So I guess what I wanted to say (what I should have said this morning), is that if I had to choose between being happy and hot, I’d choose happiness.

I love the different patterns and textures

Went for a "poppy" spring pink lip today instead of the traditional red, what do you think?

Skirt - Alannah Hill
Top - Glassons
Longchamp bag - christmas gift
Watch - Canterbury vintage fair '10
Shoes - Lifeline (Asquith)
Gloves - side of the road, council collection!
Necklace - Diva
Lips - Posie Tint by Benefit

I call these my bowling shoes : P

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