Monday, March 14, 2011

New dawn, new day

Welcome to a brand new week everyone, I hope your Monday's weren't too terrible. To quote Nina Simone, it's a new dawn, it's a new day, specifically for me and my new hair; I'm now a red head! What do you think?
What do you think of my beautiful sunflower? It's the first to bloom from my summer crop and I'm thrilled. Perfect for a grey winter day.
I'm wearing my lastest vintage find, a 1950's style headband with attatched veil. Today I wore it backwards and pinned the veil like a snood. This was a very popular look in the 1940's during the war, when woman entered the work force for the first time. The snood allowed women to retain their femininity, but also prevented their long locks from becoming trapped in the machines. Plus, to top it off, I found this little wonder at a local thrift-shop for $3!
Dress - Dangerfield
Headband - Op shop (Broadway)

My day was made complete by a perfect stranger; Nicholas! Spotted on Epping station, I was completely smitten with his outfit and couldn't resist taking a photo, though I do need to apologise in advance for the quality, it was taken very quickly as the train approached and really doesn't do his outfit justice.

Would you just look at that suit, that shirt, that umbrella? Perfection!

What made this chance meeting even better was Nicholas's manner, he's quite the gentleman! It was a delight to meet someone who offered me a seat, spoke eloquently and even kissed my hand farewell! I think alot of men steer away from this old fashioned chivalry out of respect (or fear) towards the post-modern feminist. While I believe in equal treatment for everyone (regardless of gender, age or race), I also think that this kind of grace and dignity simply isn't seen enough and I can't overstate how refreshing and lovely it is to be treated with such. I urge other men (and women) to adopt the same courtesies, taking with it the knowledge that even if one person takes offence, you probably made several other people smile!
See you soon,


Anonymous said...

My favourite post of them all thus far!

Oh those sunflowers are breath-taking and I too recently met a stranger of a similar breed- isn't it refreshing :)

much applause from a loyal audience member,
Nicolette xox

Sarah said...

Thankyou! For $2.70, the sunflower seeds are definately paying off. They are the most rewarding flower I've ever grown; quick, simple and beautiful!
Hopefully I'll meet more strangers like this! Perhaps at this shin-dig he suggested: The Absinthe Salon
Which I've heard of but never been too... Can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

:) love the hair sare!
and also nicholas!! simply splendid daarrrrllliinngg
guess who :)

Chris said...

"I think alot of men steer away from this old fashioned chivalry out of respect (or fear) towards the post-modern feminist"

Its exactly it! i still give my seat up to older women, but girls my age, im scared they will think i like them or try to strike up something. Its as if they dont believe the seat is actually "free" and i dont know what that tells of society, or guys to be frank.

Girls/women can still be equal among men and accept chivalry for what it is, something to say, 'thank you for being a woman'.


Sarah said...

Why hello Chris! Thankyou for the comment, you make a very good point about the upsetting assupmtion that many women make that chivalry = sleazy come-ons.
Also, thankyou sir for being a gentleman! :)

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