Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ooh la

I am finding the grey weather fantastic for tea, lounging and cuddling under cosy wraps. However, shopping is a disaster when you're on a bugdet and attempting to save. The shops are absolutely brimming with forties inspired suits of tweed, satin, houndstooth and constrast piping! Oh my! *swoon* The tailored handbags, gloves and lady-like accessories are also damaging my restraint.
These shoes in particular were hard to walk away from...
The weekend's proving to be lovely, without a doubt, due to Miss Erin's appearance. She never fails to put a smile on my face (and hopefully yours too after the next photo).
Isn't she divine, darrrrling!
Enjoying the cooler weather as an excuse for a bit of male inspired wear; highwaisted trousers ahoy!

Secret socks!

Top - Target
Shoes - Wittner
Socks - Alannah Hill
Pants - Portmans

Finally, a song for Sunday! I love the refrain of pretty, pretty peticoats.


Anonymous said...

I love those shoes! The basque ones, if they're the same :) I prefer the black though. You look amazing in those pants. Andrea xx

Sarah said...

They are the Basque ones, good spotting! I'd like a pair in all three colours; navy, red and black! :P
Thankyou, I've been saving the pants for winter. So much more comfy than skinny jeans...

Anonymous said...

ahahaha wow! maybe we'll end up with a matching pair then :)

Sarah said...

lol, I hope you realise that was wishful thinking, I'm not actually getting one in each colour! :P