Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take me to the pilot

Dress - 1950's plaid from Canterbury Vintage Fair
Heels - Vinnies (originally Betts)
Hat - Antique store in Epping
Petticoat - Vinnies (Pennant Hills)
The belt came with a dress from Target, but I reversed it so you can see the velvet

I was all set to wear my lovely 1940's hat today but low and behold, the weather took a turn for the cold. Instead, before university, I had a quick change of heart and luckily, it allowed me to embrace my current obsession with scarfs! (and also lucky that my mother happens to have some lovely scarves of her own locked away, waiting to be worn!)

Petticoats are too much fun, it's hard to resist flashing strangers a peek...

But petticoats can get caught up, and then it's time for a re-fluffing!

My hat!
 The scarf was inspired by Chuck from Pushing Daisies, my other current obsession. This short lived television series features a man who can bring back the dead, a lost childhood sweet-heart and a pie shop called "The Pie Hole". It's full of delightfully witty puns, adorablely sweet characters and quirky vintage styling's. Its mix of absurd and beautiful is superb, a perfect hour away from reality. I've fallen in love, and I wholly invite you to do the same.
That aside, wearing a silk scarf in this undecided weather certainly has its benefits. It protects your "do" from rain, frizzle and wind. (And just between you and me, it can also conveniently hide the lack of said "do"!) 
While I am a bit unsure as to whether I look more like a fifties dame riding in a jazzed up convertable or a rugged up Babushka doll, I have to admit, I am having too much fun to really care! What do you think? 

Undercover! Clearly I've been watching too many detective shows... *high five to any Bones fans* : P


Thomas Bergin said...

definitely rocking a badass sexy spy look in that last one

Anonymous said...

No babushka doll-ing at all :)

<3 candace

Sarah said...

I'm glad it came across as such Thomas, I would make an excellent spy... and Candace! What a pleasure it is to see you here! Thankyou, though I would mind that much if I did look like a doll, I think it would definately have its advantages!

Anonymous said...

you definitely evoke some dita in the face here, and quite a lot lately. mesmerising.

Sarah said...

Thankyou, Dita is a goddess. Though I don't really want to be her, I want to be my own, not a copy.

Anonymous said...


Nicolette xox

Sarah said...

Naw, thanks miss!