Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Take your mama out

Pictures from my first day of semester and then from my night out at the Opera house.

Off to university...
Dress - Forever New
Shoes - Freelancer shoes
Bag - Longchamp

Oh no! We are running late... again!

This photo was an accident, but I quite like the way it turned out!

Mmm... creamy vanilla choux pastry

Getting a little silly with my Pimms cocktail!

Doesn't James look amused?

Ta-da, perfect match!

From the university to the theatre with a hat and some heels!
1960's Hat - Savlos (Broadway)
Heels - Vinnie's


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Sarah!

You look stunning as per usual and I couldn't help but comment. I do adore reading of your lovely little adventures and insights :) You are an icon of vintage beauty!

With much love and admiration;
Nicolette xox

Sarah said...

Naww Nicolette, you honsetly and absolutely made my day! I was considering leaving the blogging game after a few unkind comments, but now I'm inspired to power on! Thankyou so much!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is darker! When did this happen? Or maybe it didn't and I'm just imagining things... whichever way, melikey =)
xx Hilary

Sarah said...

Mellow, Thankyou! I dyed it darker for christmas actually, but no one noticed. I could use a change though, I was thinking of going even darker or red...

Thomas Bergin said...

not that my opinion means much but you asked me months ago and I finally decided you should go darker

Sarah said...

Well, I did go darker, see above.

Thomas Bergin said...

you just said you were thinking of going even darker. This is my opinion on that.

Anonymous said...

oh dear. whiney boys need to learn how to shut up. you look amazing with your hair down and your smile is even more beautiful than ever, perfectly shown off here.

w.s said...

just re-stating, this is one of my favourite posts. you look amazing in every picture, especially the last. killer legs my love! and the hair and the smile and the you. <3