Sunday, March 27, 2011

The trolley song

I thought I’d finally try my hand at writing a tutorial! The hairstyle I’ve worn that’s garnered the most comments has got to be my take on “Bettie-bangs” or the Faux Fringe roll.

So let’s begin (excuse the pyjamas, they are my favourites!)
Before. Helps to have slightly dirty hair, even works great with super oily hair simply give it a quick spray of dry shampoo for volume.

Tail comb
Hair bands
Bobby pins
Hair spray

Start by separating the hair you wish to use in the roll. Any amount will do, the more hair, the bigger the roll, the more dramatic the effect! Today I’ve split the hair just above my ear, but I’ve done it further back, using hair from near my crown. Make the section a large triangle or square, ending it an inch or two about the ear (the hair below can be swept back with the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, bun or twist). Spend some time pretending to be Cousin Itt.


Next get some mousse, spread through hair and brush forwards so it all sits flat.

Ignore the crazy eyes

Begin the rolling process. Bundle hair and make a loop, pushing ends underneath and continue the roll up towards the head. If you can’t get the ends to sit under, make a loop halfway up the hair and roll the stray ends in as you go.

Once you get to the top, pin in place. I like to slide pins from either end as well as one straight through, from the front. This means the bobby pins get locked together and don’t slip about. This part is the hardest and can take a few goes to get right. Don’t be afraid of un-rolling and starting again, you can never have too much mousse of hairspray!

When you’ve pins in place, it might look quiff-tastically like this...

Don’t fret, to get a nice rolled effect grab your tail comb and gently wiggle it through, coaxing the hair to spread evenly. Don’t go to deep or you’ll upset the underneath pinned roll.

When you’re finished it should look something like this...

Not brilliant, but fine for a demonstration.

Liberally coat in hairspray, a tip for staying power is to spray straight down the middle of the roll as well as on top, thus securing the pins further.

There are alternate ways to achieve this look, Aubrey London ties the hair up in a high topknot before rolling ( and Fleur from Diary of A Vintage Girl uses a hair roll ( They all create slightly different looks, just as pinning the sides down creates two distinct looks. You can either pin the hair up so the roll is visible,

Or smooth down like so...
In the city with the lovely Ivana

Here’s some more photos of my hair out and about...

You stole my heart! The excellently bubbly Emma.

Hope this was helpful! Please tell me, is there anything you’d like me to write about more (or less)? Is there anything you long to see a tutorial on or perhaps a review? I’m all ears (or to be more precise, I’m all eyes reading and brain aiming to accommodate your woes and whims).

Until next time, here is Judy Garland showing you how these bangs can be worn!



Anonymous said...

i'm sure ivana and emma will be super honoured to have appeared in your blog :)

Thomas Bergin said...

was wondering when your lovely night out look would make it on here

Sarah said...

I hope they are... I probably should have warned them that I was stealing their images!