Monday, March 7, 2011

You make my dreams

I've been loosing my voice since Friday and woke up today nauseated (oh, and please tell me that is the correct grammar because it has being plaguing my brain all day and only making my stomach ache worse!). So needless to say, I haven't been in the best mood... until tonight!
Came home to find this treat on my bed!
And inside...

A love note, black leather gloves and Fruit Tingles (my current sweet obsession)!
I am very, very lucky and my day has certainly improved. I feel like a fetish goddess wearing these elbow-length gloves, I simply cannot wait for the weather to get cooler! Thankyou kind sir!
Oh, and here's what I wore today...

I call this bag my mini briefcase

Shirt - Target
Skirt - Glassons
Necklace - Vinnies (Pennant Hills)
Socks - Alannah Hill
Shoes - none, I took them off before the photo! But never fear, they were boring purple ones. : p

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