Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Night train

After the flash of my last outfit post I thought a trip to Enmore theatre deserved some subdued class, so I headed for my favourite 1950's dress; a gunmetal grey, sailor-style number. It was actually the first "proper" vintage dress I bought, and while in retrospect I paid way too much for it, I still love its classic cut. This dress was probably the one that allowed my love for vintage to grow and grow, because once I took it home, I had the chance to truly appreciate the detail and care that went into every garment back then. The seams are hand-finished, the buttons intricately stitched but most of all the simple lines of the dress fall gracefully and surely. This is what I feel is lacking from most (affordable) clothing these days. Meanwhile, here is my outfit (sorry the pictures are taken on the train)!
Headband - Diva

I adore the velvet buttons on this coat and the quilting around the collar! I feel so glamourous wearing it.

My favourite bag to date; a silver glomesh bag with an unusal clasp. How appropriate next to my flamboyant nails... :P

Dress - 1950's Betty Barclay from Canterbury Vintage fair '10
1920's or 1930's velvet coat - Sydney Antique Centre
Shoes - Vinnies (originally Betts)
Glomesh Bag - Vinnie's (Pennant Hills)
Watch - Canterbury vintage fair '10

Finally I have to add that Stephen K Amos did not disappoint, I was actually crying with laughter at one point! If you have a chance to see him, I'd recommend it.
Hope you enjoyed this post, I'd love to hear about your recent adventures and welcome any suggestions of places to go for day trips or nights out! Please tell me what you think!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Come down and join the circus

If you can't dress up a little crazy when you go to circus, when can you? Last night I went to Darling Harbour with some lovely people to experience Hoopla Nights. The night started with conversation and drinks infront of a live band and some fantastic swing dancers showing off their moves. Next in the "tiny top"- an very intimate circus tent - we watched the Princess of Pain and the Space Cowboy. The Space Cowboy was definately the highlight of the night, I even got called up on stage to help him bend spoons with his mind. It was absolutely crazy, especially because the tent only fit about 15 people and we sat in the second row.
Here's a clip of him performing his sword swallowing act on Australia's Got Talent

And here's what I wore... Just a little flamboyant!
What do you think of my bustle?
Dress, shoes and bag - Vinnies (Pennant Hills)
Hat and Belt - made by me

Excuse the crazy eyes...


My man and I
Off to see hilarious comedian Stephen K Amos tonight!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nailed it

Hope everyone is having a great Easter! Just wanted to start this post by saying hello to any new readers, as I've found a few comments from fresh faces lately and wanted to thank each and everyone of you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my blog, it truly makes my day! (And to any loyal readers, thankyou so much for your loyalty!)
Meanwhile, as you may have realised I've been having a little time off lately for Easter so my outfits have been lacking (mostly pyjama's and work uniforms which believe me, you don't need a post wasted on) However, with lots of home time comes, lots of television, and with that comes nails!
Forgoing my normal half-moon nails (circa 1940's) I decided to do a jaunty spotty design, inspired by today's trip to Luna park! (A traditional fair-ground theme-park in Sydney, which is hosting an event for sideshow acts and buskers this weekend. I can't wait to see some of the circus feats, I love the mix of danger, bizarre and comedy)
Plus, to top it off, the purple polish smells like grapes! Yum!
Yet, the pièce de résistance of my nail painting dalliance is surely my Mum's nails, in honour of the Royal Wedding! My Mum is a primary school librarian and the kids adore it when she does something kooky. Previously I've painted her nails with pink and red polka-dots and as this regal occasion approached I couldn't resist an excuse for kitsch! so... Ta-da!

The Union Jack

 The Happy Couple

Hope this gave you a laugh, I certainly found it fun! That's all for today, see you soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Over my head

Heels over head

I found you in my dance

a step, a twirl, alone
no more.
You dodged the music well,
Your sleeve brushed my beat
as we laughed

I grasped your elbow
No need to twist my heel
I fell

A quick poem

Stumble on my life

Not much to say today, just gumboots and essays.

 Only three leafed clovers... *sigh*
An enormous bean, I'll keep my eyes out for the giant at the top.

Finally, a funny picture of Amber!
Meanwhile, sorry if my blog has been disappointing lately, with very few words and fewer lovely clothing posts. (though maybe you like it that way? hmm...?) I do want to try and write some more involved posts in the future, and please feel free to tell me what you'd like to see. Until next time,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm sure some of you have already seen this, but I thought I would share it anyway. Here was my first foray into video making after a night at the Ruby Review last year. I love the song "Creature fear", which I first heard watching Chuck (another television show which is fanstatic if you're in the mood for some geeky, spy fun with a touch of romance!)  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

words words words
Top - Susans (yes, pyjama's, see the benefit of having ones you like? They can double as going out tops!)
Bow Headband - Alannah Hill
1940's vintage shorts - Canterbury vintage fair April 2011 (The only clothing I bought from the fair, I found it really disappointing this time. Shall write a post about it soon.)
Tights - Target

"that devilish flow rock and roll", addicted to LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem. Wish I could shuffle!

"We just wanna see you shake it now"
Desperately wish I could go out dancing this week... Perhaps in mid-semester break...

First pie made from scratch!
 It's a Pear, Apple and Gruyére pie inspired by Chuck's cooking on Pushing Daisies. Not to talk myself up, but I think it turned out really well! Granted, it is a bit of an unusal taste, I'd compare it to christmas mince pies. The Gruyére cheese creates a crumbly crust, and the salty taste contrasts the spicy filling of apples and pears poached in ginger wine and port! I need to perfect the lattice work though!

Sorry this post is so brief, still in the middle of an essay session. Thankyou for reading!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

These boots were made for walking

If you have some spare time, feel like a laugh or perhaps have a latent shoe fetish, please enjoy this video of me struggling with some thigh-high patent leather boots! I found them yesterday and couldn't resist trying them on.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American pie

Inspired by Pushing Daisies (and procrastination, my eagle-eyed friend pointed out), today I baked and tasted my first ever pumpkin pie!
Can't get enough of orange lately, must be the autumn in the air! Spring and autumn are quite possibly my favourite times of the year!
And despite my hate for traditional pumpkin anything, I actually found the buttery, spicy flavour of this pie delightful!

What do you think? Looks pretty scrumptious to me!

Pushing Daisies! (Seriously, why haven't you watched that show yet? : P) I love having fresh flowers in the house, I simply don't understand the desire some developers have to rip up fully establish gardens and replace them with mac-mansions... They're horrid! Give me a little garden any day!

 A treat to look forward to!

Love xo

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book of Days

Inspired by the lovely Nicolette's dramatic and newly accquired hairstyle (a chic, dark red bob), I decided to try my own hand at a (faux) hair-cut! Ta-da!
Hat - Canterbury Vintage fair (October 2010)
Dress - Vinnies (Pennant Hills)
Cardigan (Myer)

After spending a day in my favourite hat, I'm desperate to acquire some more! Hats are just too much fun, my head is starting to feel naked without one!
On the assignment front, things are poorly, so wish me luck for tomorrow!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Days are getting shorter and the weather is tripping between sunshine and cool breezes, so it's time to pull out some trans-seasonal fashions (especially if you find yourself moving between air-conditioned lecture halls and humid classrooms; getting up when it's bright and cheerful and getting home when it's dark and chilly). My staples for indecisive seasons:
  • Black opaque tights, which provide some resistance against any chill factor but aren't thick enough to cause overheating
  • Gloves: easy to remove and small enough to carry around campus, but make a surprising difference to temperature
  • A light-weight cardigan
  • Light-weight silk scarf. You can tie it in your hair, throw over your head or wrap it around your neck, and when you're done, tie it onto your bag to save carrying space!
  • Semi-waterproof shoes (for example leather, rubber, plastic, coated canvas, etc.) This is the time you are most likely to be caught off-guard in the rain.
  • Umbrella. Following on from the last point, while walking in the rain can be atmospheric, it's charm wears off an hour or two later... Bring a compact umbrella, it can double as sun-protection if you have a picnic!
Mistakes to learn from:
  • In Sydney at this time of year, it's too early for boots and jeans! You'll find yourself sweating and regretting.
  • Don't layer too much, your likely to loose something valuable and carrying it all around can be a real pain.
  • Leave suede or permeable shoes at home, a pair of ruined shoes and blisters aren't fun!
Oh well, enough lecturing, hope these tips help, I'd love to hear if you've got your own way to survive the season!
And some photos of what I wore:
Embracing the tights

Hair bow - Myer
Top & Shoes - Vinnie's (Pennant Hills)
Shorts - Forever New

And here's Amber with her own advice. When it gets too cold, sunbake on some hot pebbles. Too cold? Go curl up inside on your own doggie bean-bag. Demand attention at all times.
I think Amber has the right idea...

Hey big suspender!

When I wear suspenders I get a bit silly....
Does someone need a caning?

Class is in session!

Skirt - Vinnies (Pennant Hills) originally Supre, but altered by me
Top - Glassons
Suspenders - hand-me-down from James' Nanna
Scarf - Dangerfield
Shoes - Urban Outfitters (Chelsea Crew Brand)

Sir! Sir! I know! I know!!!

Hmm... not exactly practical...

Not too much to write about today, I have two assignments that I'm aiming to get finished (or at least semi-completed) by Friday so I can enjoy the vintage fair on the weekend. ( Wish me luck, altogether it will be a minimum of 3000 words to write up! (Not impossible, but certainly not a walk in the park)
Hope your week gets off to a good start,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Friday night

Last Friday night I had the best night I've had in a long time; out with the girls: giggling, chocolate-ing, smiling. I made my own pink, black and leopard print ensemble, but completely missed a photo opportunity. (which is a bum, because I even borrowed a cute little Scottie dog pin from my Mum!) This was the closest I got in terms of a picture...
Nothing outstanding, just a messy room!
Nothing huge planned for this weekend, but in the next few I've got... a huge vintage fair, Stephen K Amos, Katy Perry and Hoopla nights ( So all quite promising! Plus, hopefully even more pleasant surprises, like the sun was yesterday!
(Great segue Sarah.)
(Thankyou Sarah)
 (You're welcome)
(p.s. who knew "seg-way" was spelt like that!?!)
(I know, right!)
(Right on brother)
(oh no... please stop.)
(no.... just no.)

Jumping for joy! (T.G.I.F. or for our acronymically-null friends, thank goodness it's Friday!)

Look how sunny it was yesterday, there were even kites! Rainbow kites!!

Brownie, oh yeah.

Clothing close up

 A blue M'n'M, what an atrocity! Pure wastage!
Ok, granted the camera didn't really capture it's full effect... but... Look how green that grass is! Unnaturally green I say.... *suspicion*

Look, it's me at Balmain! Went to Mint Condition, a vintage store with fantastic (if not, quite overpriced) clothing and accessories.

And low and behold, it's me again! Strange fellow, she is...
Dress - 1950's from etsy
Shoes - Urban Outfitters (USA)
Cardigan - Cotton On (with hand sewn buttons and ribbon)
Glasses - Melbourne, don't remember which shop...
(p.s. I'm afraid this post might be a tad crazy as I wrote it late Thursday night, but never fear, you've made it to the end! See you next week!)
(p.p.s. Bit of a change of nails.. newspaper nails!)
Ta-Da! Fitting for my English seminar, don't you think?
Sorry the photo is kinda creepy, but it was the only one I could get where you could see the print! Here's the instructions on how to, except I used methylated spirits and dipped the newspaper into the alcohol. My tip is to throughly wait for the top coat to dry, otherwise your nails won't be all smooth and the paper will stick. Also, it says to press for a few seconds, but from my experience, you don't need to leave it there very long at all.