Monday, April 18, 2011

Everyday I'm shuffling

words words words
Top - Susans (yes, pyjama's, see the benefit of having ones you like? They can double as going out tops!)
Bow Headband - Alannah Hill
1940's vintage shorts - Canterbury vintage fair April 2011 (The only clothing I bought from the fair, I found it really disappointing this time. Shall write a post about it soon.)
Tights - Target

"that devilish flow rock and roll", addicted to LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem. Wish I could shuffle!

"We just wanna see you shake it now"
Desperately wish I could go out dancing this week... Perhaps in mid-semester break...

First pie made from scratch!
 It's a Pear, Apple and Gruyére pie inspired by Chuck's cooking on Pushing Daisies. Not to talk myself up, but I think it turned out really well! Granted, it is a bit of an unusal taste, I'd compare it to christmas mince pies. The Gruyére cheese creates a crumbly crust, and the salty taste contrasts the spicy filling of apples and pears poached in ginger wine and port! I need to perfect the lattice work though!

Sorry this post is so brief, still in the middle of an essay session. Thankyou for reading!


w.s said...


Thomas Bergin said...

just watched the LMFAO clip :)
the basic leg sliding shuffle thing is pretty much my staple when I've been clubbing, i.e. I do it all night to every song and sweat profusely because I don't know how to do anything else... :P
The only other LMFAO song I've heard is "shots" and I play the chorus of that every time I'm at a house party doing...shots!

Sarah said...

hmm... I don't know... when I've seen you dancing I'm pretty sure you were just doing the white man boogey (e.g. bob and sway in time with the music) :P Didn't realise you could shuffle... I've seen some guys do it at clubs, it's hypnotising, I could watch them all night!
and you haven't heard this one?? I swear I heard it like a million times in one month last year!

Thomas Bergin said...

Well I'm assuming you've only really seen me attempt to dance at halloween '09, at which time yes I was awkward and just bobbing :P Other than that I haven't been clubbing with you.
And nope never heard that song in my life...
though I sure have seen lots of people around the internet saying that they are in miami bitch

Thomas Bergin said...

also the readers might want to know where you got those awesome shoes from!

Sarah said...

Shoes - Myer (melbourne) brand "Urban Soul"
lyrics, shall get back to you. x