Friday, April 8, 2011

Last Friday night

Last Friday night I had the best night I've had in a long time; out with the girls: giggling, chocolate-ing, smiling. I made my own pink, black and leopard print ensemble, but completely missed a photo opportunity. (which is a bum, because I even borrowed a cute little Scottie dog pin from my Mum!) This was the closest I got in terms of a picture...
Nothing outstanding, just a messy room!
Nothing huge planned for this weekend, but in the next few I've got... a huge vintage fair, Stephen K Amos, Katy Perry and Hoopla nights ( So all quite promising! Plus, hopefully even more pleasant surprises, like the sun was yesterday!
(Great segue Sarah.)
(Thankyou Sarah)
 (You're welcome)
(p.s. who knew "seg-way" was spelt like that!?!)
(I know, right!)
(Right on brother)
(oh no... please stop.)
(no.... just no.)

Jumping for joy! (T.G.I.F. or for our acronymically-null friends, thank goodness it's Friday!)

Look how sunny it was yesterday, there were even kites! Rainbow kites!!

Brownie, oh yeah.

Clothing close up

 A blue M'n'M, what an atrocity! Pure wastage!
Ok, granted the camera didn't really capture it's full effect... but... Look how green that grass is! Unnaturally green I say.... *suspicion*

Look, it's me at Balmain! Went to Mint Condition, a vintage store with fantastic (if not, quite overpriced) clothing and accessories.

And low and behold, it's me again! Strange fellow, she is...
Dress - 1950's from etsy
Shoes - Urban Outfitters (USA)
Cardigan - Cotton On (with hand sewn buttons and ribbon)
Glasses - Melbourne, don't remember which shop...
(p.s. I'm afraid this post might be a tad crazy as I wrote it late Thursday night, but never fear, you've made it to the end! See you next week!)
(p.p.s. Bit of a change of nails.. newspaper nails!)
Ta-Da! Fitting for my English seminar, don't you think?
Sorry the photo is kinda creepy, but it was the only one I could get where you could see the print! Here's the instructions on how to, except I used methylated spirits and dipped the newspaper into the alcohol. My tip is to throughly wait for the top coat to dry, otherwise your nails won't be all smooth and the paper will stick. Also, it says to press for a few seconds, but from my experience, you don't need to leave it there very long at all.


Thomas Bergin said...

I love this post.
And the nails are crazy cool, mind blown

Sarah said...

I know right! Each time I type or write I'm like "Woah!!" I tried to put a picture of Dita on my thumb, but it didn't work... perhaps next week. x

Andrea said...

YOUR NAILS ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! best thing ever! also i wanna go to the hoopla nights events! saw the thing at uni and her crazy arms just drew me in! jealous :(

Sarah said...

Come with us Silly! Nothing has really been planned, just that I also saw the postcard and was drawn in, I mean, firebreathing, pole-dancing, busking... what more could a girl want?!?!

whale shark said...

please :D but let me know elsewhere please cos i can never track these notifications.

Sarah said...

Lol, sorry Pumpkin, I'll try and let you know in the future in a more definate form

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Gorgeous outfit. I love your style.

Sarah said...

Thankyou miss! and thankyou so much for checking out my blog! :) x