Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's twist again

I often get asked how I do the "twists" or "knots" at the front of my hair. So, in case you were wondering here's a quick video of me doing it. Please excuse the tired face and poor videography, I did it late last night). As you can see, it doesn't take very long and depending on the angle and amount of hair used, you can create lots of different styles. (See: and )

I know the video is very grainy, so these photos should help further explain the result.
From the side

Up top

This is me holding the hair which was involved in the twist

See you soon!
(Update: Since Blogger has finally allowed me to upload videos directly to the site, I've updated an earlier post


Anonymous said...

very noice :D. I'll watch the video later because i'm curretnly in an education tutorial haha.

<3 candace

Sarah said...

:D lol! Good thinking, I'm not sure the education tutorial would really appreciate it...

Solanah said...

Awesome! So simple! Thanks so much for doing the tutorial :)


Sarah said...

Solanah! Miss Vixen Vintage, you've made my day :) Thankyou very much for reading and commenting, one day I aim to have the style and finesse that you do.