Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mr Sandman

Staying glamourous on your days off
Let me preface this by saying I, by no means always follow these, but this year I have been making a conscious effort to do so. Thus consider them not rules, but suggestions for a bit of class when lounging at home.
*Always wash your face, every morning and night. No, this doesn't mean you have to apply makeup, in fact, I'm sure your skin will benefit from a day off, but do wash your face. It gets rid of accumulated oil and keeps your cheeks rosy.
* Similarly, make an effort to brush your hair or sweep it back into a simple do'. A bun or ponytail is fine, and to add extra sparkle, and sweep back naughty fringes, throw on a decorated headband (preferably one that doesn't cause headaches!)
* Invest in some flattering pyjamas. Peter Alexander always has lovely ones, but they needn't be that expensive. I've found great ones at Susans, Myer (Chloe and Lola make some nice ones) and Cotton On Body. My tip is to shop in the sales, pyjamas don't go out of season, so buy what looks good on and appeals to you. (There is a Peter Alexander outlet at DFO and luckily it seems to have a fair range of sizes) Let's face it, if you are anything like me pyjamas are a staple (particularly in winter), so get something flattering, you'll feel better for it!
*If pyjamas aren't for you, then... Welcome to the world of vintage house dresses, coats and robes.
Here's a nice page which deals lightly on the definitions and history of loungewear -
I would have loved to include a more personal and detailed history of pyjama's and lingerie throughout the ages (because what I've been finding from my research has been fascinating) However, I simply don't have the time to do it justice right now, perhaps in the future. If you're interested in some other examples of 1940's dressing gowns take a look at Solanah's from Vixen Vintage, they are stunning! (
In the meantime, here's some photos of my own 1940's dressing gown...

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Anonymous said...

you are so incredibley beautiful. james is a lucky man :)
nicolette xox

Sarah said...

Naww, thanks miss. I feel pretty lucky that you are in my world! xo

Whale Shark said...

agree with nicolette here. amazing.

Sarah said...

Lol, whale shark! I found a stuffed toy whale shark in the window of a toy shop yesterday! I nearly bought it for you, but I was afraid it'd reinforce your "grandiose" feelings... But Thankyou!