Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I don't feel like dancin'

Hello whoever is out there,
First, I wanted to apologise for the shocking lack of posts lately. Between the work and the blues, I've really not felt like writing and to top it off Blogger has been taking me for a ride as well. Secondly, I wanted to say thankyou to anyone who has hung around and is reading this. Sometimes I get really lonely, feeling as if whatever I am saying is just being thrown into the blank abyss of cyber space and I worry that what I write has no relevance to anyone, so if you are reading this, thankyou. I think Hila's post sums it up so eloquently; http://hila-lumiere.blogspot.com/2011/05/on-writing-doubt.html. Her writing is so gorgeous and I guess it's almost comforting to think that I'm not alone in my self-reflexive tangle. (Tragically I didn't get to comment on her actual post, thankyou Blogger, but I hope she reads this and knows I really enjoy blog.)
Finally, here are some pictures of what I have been up to, starting with my man's birthday party...

During a game of "Panic" (that's what's happening in the background) I got distracted by hats!

I also got quite silly, burlesque style!

Look at that cake and that smashing bow-tie (worn as a headband) and suspenders combination!
Dress - Princess Highway

 One of my favourite people, I swear we didn't plan on matching! (But doesn't she look amazing in red?) Also wanted to pop in a thanks to this miss for cheering me up by inspiring me with beautiful ladies from the past, Thankyou!
Umm yes... I am very affectionate after a few Rekorderlig ciders! If you haven't tried it, you must! It's my go to drink. The Pear and Strawberry and Lime are my favourites, especially when served in vintage crystal!

Here I am dancing with Miss Erin and Miss Andrea, having a spectacular Party in the Dark!

Finally, I'm a giant!!! Aren't these the cutest little ornaments? I adore them!

If you are in Sydney, I hope you aren't drenched! (It's raining like crazy here!)
Love xoxo

Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh Happy Day

Handed in two assignments and had a birthday party to attend on Friday, so I felt like celebrating! And what better way to celebrate, than donning some bright sunny yellow? Incidentally, I'm not really a religious person, but I adore gospel music. Their voices are often so amazing and uplifting, I cannot wait to go to America and sit in a session, I think it would be a breath-taking experience.
Dress - 1950 vintage silk from etsy
Heels - Canterbury vintage fair '11

Oh, and here's some Sister Act for your Monday! http://youtu.be/zSx386Bf5H4

Friday, May 20, 2011

You are my Cheese

Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my Mr and a silly poem I wrote him.
Caution: it gets gooey, but remember it's written as a joke and is much more comical when put next to my little cartoon!

You are my Cheese
(chalk it up to love)
soft, sweet
graceful in defeat
a bit smelly, but strong
where I belong.
inspiration for bizarre dreams,
always better than mainstream
I will love you more with everyday you age.

Hope you aren't too nauseated, and instead you have a silly, if not slightly cringe-worthy, smile on your face! Have a great weekend!
Silly face? What face?


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hi-ho, Hi-ho!

It's off to uni I go!

Headband and socks - Alannah Hill
Shoes - Vinnies
Dress - Myer
Blazer - Forever New

It would be so nice if something made sense for a change

Sometimes I dress academically, with the hope it'll inspire scholarly achievements. It's easier to work hard when you're dressed a bit like Alice and dreaming of being whisked away to Wonderland.
Socks - Dotti
Dress - Vintage from Mint Condition
Blouse - Target
Watch/Necklace - Sydney University Markets
Bow - Myer

Hells yeah, I got my Harry Potter out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I love Tim Minchin, and this song only makes me adore him more! He's quick, witty, a fantastic pianist and delightfully sarcastic. Listen to the lyrics, they are perfect! And if you're like me, sometimes cheese makes you so happy, you take a picture, just because!
 Brie! Even the name is fun...
And speaking of things that make me happy, here I am in one of my new-old 1940's hats and pic-curls set! Ignore the lack of shoes, it was late in the day and time for snacking...

Jacket - part of 1940's suit set from Etsy
Hat - etsy
Dress - Portmans


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The step in my groove

I've always found it quite difficult to find clothes to go out to bars and clubs in. Probably because, while I don't mind dressing differently, I don't want to be dressed completely inappropriately. Often, what I wear is more dressy than your average joe, which is perfect for theatre, dinners and movies, but for clubs I tend to feel a certain pressure to downplay. My authentic vintage dresses often fall below the knee, and can look almost prudish next to bum-high tank "dresses", and I'm so clumsy that I cringe to think of the spills and tears that could ensue. So normally I try for new dresses, with a vintage twist. Usually emplying accessories like red lipstick, hats, corsets and gloves.
Here's some looks I've come up with lately...
At Tom's birthday (yes, this is the same dress as the Katy Perry concert)

Funny picture, and yes... Tom is wearing red lipstick... not quite sure why... I must be a good influence on him!

 Excuse the silly face in this next picture...

Sorry the quality is horrible in this photo, but I wanted to include a full body shot.

I'd love to hear what you wear when in the city, any tips or suggestions?
Love xo

Pleats to meet you!

*laughs at own pun* (because if I don't, who will) Hope your having a great day, here's an outfit from a while back which somehow got lost in the files. Possibly because I wasn't thrilled with the photos... Anyway, without further ado...

Nice autumny colour, don't you think?
Found this little wonder hidden away in storage at my local Vinnie's. I couldn't believe it had been overlooked! While I'm quite new to dating, I estimate it to be a hand-sewn dress from the 1930's - 1940's due to the focus on shoulders and snap closure, but please tell me what you think!
  • There are no tags or labels, the buttons on the back are decortive and cloth-covered which was common in the 1940's.
  • It's lack of a zippers suggests to me that it's from the thirties, as they didn't become widely used until the end of the decade.
  • I think it is bias cut and has a partial lining in the skirt (popular in the thirties).
  • While, the seams are pressed open, with a line of stitching to prevent fraying (common before the 1960's).
I welcome any other research or thoughts you have on dating clothing, or the history of this little dress. This post owes alot of thanks to Melody Fortier's great book "The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping", which has alot of tips for dating garments!
I always love imagining the history a piece of clothing has, wear it's been and who wore it; I think the hidden stories are fascinating. What about you?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Could it be magic?

I'm Magic!! Now where's my owl from Hogwarts?

James-y Potter? Check out the fork! Quite amazing, don't you think?
Just an update of my Hoopla Nights post! Here are some photos from the actual magic show where I got pulled up on stage to experience the insane bending fork! Also some photos from when we got lost in the abandoned shopping centre, running from security guards! Great night!

Roses are red

Pants and Blouse - Portmans
Vest - Dotti

Normally dead flowers drive me crazy (blame it on having a mother who's into floristry)! I see vases full of wilted creations and it makes me cringe; the smell, the feeling, the overall unkempt look... but something about single red roses intrigues me. They are tragic and their lonesome death seems all the more beautiful because it's ephermal, so I let them be. Perhaps my fascination all stems from the faretales surrounding roses; Briar Rose, Beauty and the Beast, and to a finer point, Phantom of the Opera (which originally stems from Orpheus, and is my all time favourite musical).

I'd love to hear what you think? Do you hoard flowers beyond their prime? Do you think there is a certain beauty to their passing? Or do you have any opinions about the mythology and fairytales?

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Saw Katy Perry on Saturday night and it was spectacular! There was a mix of her old and new songs, as well as a few covers and alot of costume changes! She really does have a fantastic voice and the crowd's vibe was excellent. Not only that, I swear the entire centre smelt like fairy-floss, yum!
Before the concert, I went out to dinner at The Royal George. Unlike alot of Sydney pubs, the food was delicious, generous portions and quite reasonably priced; perfect for pre-show snacks.


Dress - Target (altered and with a petticoat)
Shoes - Rubi shoes
Headband and Gloves - Alannah Hill
Cardigan - Cotton On (altered)
Belt - gift from Erin
Scarf and Tights - Don't remember... nowhere fancy!
(No, didn't wear my fetish boots this time! Saving them for something else... )

Did you see Katy's concert, what did you think? Or what else did you get up to on the weekend?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chilled to bits!

Three new-old 1940's hats came in the mail for me this week, Thankyou Mr Postman!! I was so excited I quickly threw one on and refused to take it off for the rest of the day (must say, it looks rather cute with my pyjama's... : P )!

If you are sneaky, you'll be able to see a peak of one other hat in the box. (You'll also be able to tut-tut at my messy room!)

It has a tassle!!

Taking full advantage of the cold weather and it's fashion opportunities
Stockings - Glassons
Dress - Op-shop (originally Country Road)
Jacket - Melbourne Markets
Hat - 1940's wool from Etsy
Leather gloves - Alannah Hill
Boots - gift from James' grandmother

Let's get it on!

Unfortunately, blogger deleted this post and the comments. It was meant to follow the glum canterbury post, so anyway, I thought I'd thrill you with some out-takes from the past few months... Hope they bring you a smile, just as each and every comment I get, makes my day!
Being silly after Pimms... As James says, you really can't take me anywhere!

Brain Freeze!

Rockin' out with my bro' Emma!

Seeing things from a different point of view...

I usually allow myself one drink before going out, this was a delicious concoction of Cointreau, cranberry juice, burnt lime and lemonade! Yum!

What I look like before a big night out!

My response to "Smile!" So cheesy, you could spread me on a cracker!

No, I am not picking my nose!! I am doing Tabitha from Bewitched, holy-bajoolies I adored that show growing up!

And finally just a sweet picture from the Trocadero in January

Love xox