Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Day

Spent Friday night out with my family for my sisters birthday. Finally it's getting chilly enough to justify coats, scarves, gloves and warm hats! Dinner at Gigi's in Newtown was delicious, some of the best pizza I've had, followed by ice-cream and a brisk stroll through the streets. I love walking around Newtown; bright lights, exciting shops, a crowd that never ceases to entertain and buskers who perform for your pleasure.
(This was also the d├ębut of my new hair. Lots of you have said it's not that bad, and yes I did exaggerate. However, I had a specific style in mind, a distinct look, and it is certainly not that!Anyway, enough misery...)

Reclining in Lisa's lovely apartment (and uber comfortable sofa!)
Dress - Alannah Hill
Fascinator - Vinnie's (Newtown) originally Target
Shoes - Melissa
Tights - Myer
Coat - Myer

 Showing off my shoes!
Ice cream!

And so here is the hair...



Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

CUTER than a button!

Hilary said...

How good is that ice-cream place?! The ferrero rocher is my favourite =)

Sarah said...

Thanks you two! I got the white ferrero one last night, was so yummy! xox

Dial V for Vintage said...

What an adorable dress, I love the bow! And your coat is fabulous too :).

Sarah said...

Thankyou! x

w.s said...

cutest dress and you look so gorgeous in that last photo, evil hair and all :) <3