Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chilled to bits!

Three new-old 1940's hats came in the mail for me this week, Thankyou Mr Postman!! I was so excited I quickly threw one on and refused to take it off for the rest of the day (must say, it looks rather cute with my pyjama's... : P )!

If you are sneaky, you'll be able to see a peak of one other hat in the box. (You'll also be able to tut-tut at my messy room!)

It has a tassle!!

Taking full advantage of the cold weather and it's fashion opportunities
Stockings - Glassons
Dress - Op-shop (originally Country Road)
Jacket - Melbourne Markets
Hat - 1940's wool from Etsy
Leather gloves - Alannah Hill
Boots - gift from James' grandmother


Thomas Bergin said...

you look super duper happy in this :)

Sarah said...

can't be unhappy with a tassel on your head! :D xox