Sunday, May 15, 2011


Saw Katy Perry on Saturday night and it was spectacular! There was a mix of her old and new songs, as well as a few covers and alot of costume changes! She really does have a fantastic voice and the crowd's vibe was excellent. Not only that, I swear the entire centre smelt like fairy-floss, yum!
Before the concert, I went out to dinner at The Royal George. Unlike alot of Sydney pubs, the food was delicious, generous portions and quite reasonably priced; perfect for pre-show snacks.


Dress - Target (altered and with a petticoat)
Shoes - Rubi shoes
Headband and Gloves - Alannah Hill
Cardigan - Cotton On (altered)
Belt - gift from Erin
Scarf and Tights - Don't remember... nowhere fancy!
(No, didn't wear my fetish boots this time! Saving them for something else... )

Did you see Katy's concert, what did you think? Or what else did you get up to on the weekend?


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You always look so lovely.

Sarah said...

Thankyou, I think you do too! Also, Thankyou for replying to my questions about the cardigan! xo

Thomas Bergin said...

Might I add that your hair looks stunning in this

Thomas Bergin said...

seriously that first picture is to die for

Sarah said...

Naw thanks Tom! I stole some of my brother's schmancy lime smelling hair goop, which turned out all right! Certainly is easier having shorter hair at concerts when you're whipping your hair back and forth! (she did a cover of that song! :P ) xox

Thomas Bergin said...

were you sitting or standing?
I imagine you are a sitter
I have indeed heard she puts lots of effort into making her concerts smell extra good and fairy flossy

Sarah said...

I did sit down this time, but ít's the first time I have, normally I stand and dance. (Still stood and danced this time, in fact!) She does make alot of effort into making her concerts enjoyable, even took some fans on stage for kisses and hugs! xo

Thomas Bergin said...

Did you dye your hair darker recently or am I losing it?

Sarah said...

It changed in the great chop of '11. x

Patricia_Alejandra said...

Beautiful dress!!