Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poor little fool (or why the Canterbury Fair was disappointing)

      So this post has been a long time coming, mostly because I am a little ashamed at my own reaction to the fair and figured you probably wouldn't enjoy a venting post, but I thought I'd share it anyway. Essentially, you may remember the Canterbury Vintage fair that I was eagerly awaiting all year and perhaps the fetish boots post I published a few weeks ago (No? Well then, take a look at this! They were the highlight of my night (and I did indeed end up buying them, an absolutely steal at $30!) Meanwhile, the fair is normally the highlight of my vintage calender. It's without a doubt the biggest fair that Sydney has and is held biannually. You may remember many of my favourite items or outfits have come from there. It even holds a fashion parade where people dressed in vintage can show off their outfits and gain a little prize. I entered last year and got a superb vintage book as well as a laugh. This year was no different, except... quite humiliating.
      To explain in more detail, normally you write down what your wearing before the parade and when they call your name up, they read out the information about your clothes while you walk. This year I'd prepared my outfit with the parade especially in mind: picking my new, mint condition 1940's suit. When I got there, I wrote down my outfit, paying careful attention to mention my vintage shoes, handbag, hair-snood and reproduction seamed stockings.
      Then, the moment of the parade arrived. My name was called first, okay, no problem. I got on stage and started walking, but the description they were calling out just didn't match my outfit... I yelled a correction and there was a long pause as they shuffled through the papers. I stood alone on the stage, shuffling awkwardly... Apparently they lost my form!
     Nevermind, I face the audience and breifly described my outfit choice before slinking off. So, needless to say I was disappointed about this turn of events, but not devastated, but there was more... Unlike previous years where only five or ten people turned up, this time there was easily thirty! Each with their own intricately written descriptions, carefully detailing how their outfits were given to them from great-lost-twice-removed-celebrity-relatives and jokes thrown in from the commentator, each on stage for 5 minutes each, talking up their clothing, laughing and prancing. I was pretty upset I didn't get the same chance to show the effort I'd put in.
     As the parade ended and I was sitting down in the crowd, I finally heard a "Sarah" being called. I thought they'd eventually found my form, and I'd get a chance to go up there and really tell them what I was wearing. I stood up and tried to get myself seen from in the crowd (I'm quite short!). When I finally made it to the front calling "that's me! That's me!" Everyone turned.  The annoucer looked at me and then looked at her sheet....
"Sarah Higgins?" she said.
Everyone continuesd staring. I went red.
"No... I'm Sarah Hamilton..." I mumbled.
"Oh... well... nevermind" she said, "Higgin's mustn't be here"
Honestly, I know it doesn't sound like much, but I felt like such an idiot and now there was nowhere to hide, the crowd left me right in the middle, stranded. I tried to slink back and hide behind some people but they kept backing away, leaving me alone, which left me feeling very vunerable, which led to tears welling, which left me even more embarrassed. These are the times I wish I could disappear.
     Clearly I didn't win the parade, and overall it kind of ruined my night. I know, in retrospect, it's quite ridiculous to be upset about something like this, but I suppose I had built my expectations too high and it was just sad to be singled out twice! (I even had shop keepers telling me to enter the parade earlier in the night, because they thought I'd win)
     In my opinion, I'd sum up the fair as quite overpriced and since my university obligations limited my time, I couldn't really find any brilliant pieces.
    Sorry if this post seems ridiculous, I think next year I'll just focus on the bargains!
Here's some quick pictures of what I wore (unfortunately, they are at the end of the night and hardly great quality)
  Explaining there'd be a mistake...

Terrible quality, but it does sort of show the curls in my hair, I was quite proud of it!

Love and Thankyou for reading! xo


Thomas Bergin said...

:( I wasn't aware of all this when you called,
'twas all worth it for the boots!

Sarah said...

Didn't want to mention it because it seemed silly... but yes, I suppose the boots have brought a few smiles! x

Thomas Bergin said...

Real emotions and feelings are never silly and I'm always here for you to vent to or be yourself around
You should know that

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You may have felt silly and disappointed, but you looked stunning. x

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your outfit and you look so pretty :)
xo Candace