Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red all over

Bought a new dress and it finally arrived in the mail last week! It was a little big, but after some sneaky washing it's the perfect size and I'm absolutely thrilled!
See? Quite thrilled, I was!
I think it looks quite Chuckish...
chuck pushing daisies Pictures, Images and Photos
...Though you can save your thoughts for when I actually get a chance to wear it properly...
Meanwhile, as the air has chilled, I have embraced suits, coats, stockings and gloves. Here I am wearing my new 1940's red velvet suit! I absolutely love the colour, and it keeps me nice and toasty!
Suit - 1940's red velvet from Etsy
Boots - General Pants
Top - Target
Scarf - Cotton On Body

Urgh, my room is messy! And whoops, I moved in the photo so I look like a scary ghost...
How are you faring in this weather?


Laura Gerencser said...

Love the outfit! Thanks for the comment!:)

Sarah said...

Thankyou, you are most welcome and ditto! xo