Monday, May 16, 2011

Roses are red

Pants and Blouse - Portmans
Vest - Dotti

Normally dead flowers drive me crazy (blame it on having a mother who's into floristry)! I see vases full of wilted creations and it makes me cringe; the smell, the feeling, the overall unkempt look... but something about single red roses intrigues me. They are tragic and their lonesome death seems all the more beautiful because it's ephermal, so I let them be. Perhaps my fascination all stems from the faretales surrounding roses; Briar Rose, Beauty and the Beast, and to a finer point, Phantom of the Opera (which originally stems from Orpheus, and is my all time favourite musical).

I'd love to hear what you think? Do you hoard flowers beyond their prime? Do you think there is a certain beauty to their passing? Or do you have any opinions about the mythology and fairytales?


Thomas Bergin said...

My rose perhaps? :)
I have used a rose a couple of times thematically to describe relationships in my stories
Like in my Alex Field - Dreams story where it represents Alex's fear of losing Jade and it's death signifying her innability to love him anymore once she sees him the way he sees himself.
I wrote another story I never posted that used the Alice imagery of white roses painted red to signify lies in a relationship

w.s said...

HOT HOT HOT first two pictures! And yes I hoard dead flowers...i still have my corsage from the formal and a string necklace of red rose petals parinaz made me for my 18th, among other curiousities in my room haha.

Sarah said...

It was your rose Thomas, and I completely forgot about Alice and the roses. I love that part of the tale!
And Danke Andrea, I understand keeping those two because they clearly have alot of significance placed upon them. (I still have my corsage from year 12)xox

hila said...

I think there's something incredibly beautiful about a slightly wilting rose.

Sarah said...

Agreed! x

Anonymous said...

p.s your hot!
See you friday :)
( love posting anonymously mwahaha)