Monday, June 6, 2011

A cold wind will blow through your door

I'm afraid I'm going to have very little time for blogging over the next few weeks as I'm setting off into the great unknown of exams and essays, however I will try to post something at least once a week. Today's post is what I wore going to the shops last week. Wish me luck or taunt me with your freedom, whichever, I'd love to recieve your comments.
Love x
Top - Target
Skirt - Vinnie's (Pennant Hills)
Seamed stockings - What Katie Did
Headband/snood - thrifted 1940's or 1950's from op shop on Broadway
Jacket - 1940's from etsy (came in a set)

Sorry my posts are always shoeless! They are the last thing I put on and the first thing I take off and I can never seem to remember about them until I'm blogging!

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Thomas Bergin said...

Good luck miss!
just finished uni for the semester by cramming an assignment and handing it in 2 hours late
And now I start working 9-5 for my uni break starting with tomorrow which I promised my boss I would prepare some solid ideas for, because I took two days off last week to cram assignments..