Friday, June 3, 2011

Forty day dream

What I wore on Monday for a big tutorial presentation. I thought I was pretty rain-prepared, what with me gumboots, big coat and umbrella, however....

... I ended up looking like a drowned rat! The rain came from all directions!! I even had puddles forming in my gumboots!

I swear I'm happy... really!

Look at all my bows! : D
1950 hat - Canterbury Vintage Fair '10
Gloves - Peter Alexander
Coat - somewhere in Cherrybrooke years ago...
Skirt - Vinnies (Pennant Hills) originally Supre, but with lots of alteration and cute buttons!
Suspenders - gift from James' Nanna
Top/vest - Myer, a long time ago


Anonymous said...

aww sarah you look simply gorgeous!

i am so very envious of your bow hat! i am still on the search for my own perfect little vintage fascinator/hat! crown street was lacking a little yesterday unfortunately :(

hope your presentation was a success!
a loyal reader

nicolette xox

Sarah said...

Thanks miss! I do love this hat, though one it simply not enough! I can't wait to go shopping in paddington/surry hills/oxford street/crown street area (yes, long list!) I keep hearing that there's all these fantastic shops there, but I can never seems to find them :P xox