Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rock It

This photo was an accident (I pretty sure I was whining about something), but a happy accident. I really like how it turned out. Or does it just look ridiculous?
I cannot wait for the holidays and I love this cardigan!
Playsuit - Modcloth
Shoes - Chelsea from Urban Outfitters
Cardigan - Portmans (a bit big, but it was on sale, they didn't have my size and it has bows! So, clearly my purchase is justified!)
Bag - Longchamp, gift from James' mother. Perfect size for uni and it's waterproof!
Sunglasses - Melbourne, don't remember which shop...
Do you like my new lipstick? It's "Berry Queen" Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel London, and a nice change from my red addiction.

I'll admit it, I love this song. Ideally served with slow happy dancing, bobbing and beaching.


w.s said...

I LOVE THE FIRST PHOTO! soooo good, candid photos are often winners. xx
p.s - are you holding the cardigan taut? how cute bahahaha :P
i love you!

Sarah said...

*shush* way to ruin my subtle attempt at tightening the too-big-for-my-cardigan... :( *hangs head in shame* :P

w.s said...

ahahahahahaa noooo it's sweet :)