Friday, June 17, 2011

S'Marvelous S'Marshmallow Pie!

The pink top is in honour of the marshmallows!
Inspired by this adorable Wrigley's advertisement from the 50's, today I made my very own S'Marvelous S'Marshmallow Pie! (The "S's" are because I'm cooking it!)
First up I had to change the measurements to Australian metric ones. So...
  • 450 grams Marshmallows (I always thought it was Marshmellows but Wikipedia has proven me wrong!)
  • 3/4 American cup of milk (Now, since I have a measuring cup with both metric and imperial, I didn't have to change this measurement. If you are making it at home, just be aware that mertic cups are 250ml and American ones are 240ml, so there is a bit of a difference.)
  • 500 mls of cream (It actually translated to 560mls but I rounded down!)
  • 100 grams dark chocolate (I was estimating for this part, as I'm not sure how "5 squares" translated to today's sizes. I used 70% cocoa because you need a bit of bitterness)
The recipe is pretty simple.
  1. Bake a pie crust (or use a store-bought one)
  2. In double boiler, melt marshmellows and milk. When smooth, mix in chocolate until melted.
  3. Whip cream, fold in mixture, pour in shell.
  4. Chill
     Right, so there are the instructions, however.... upon experimentation I've found that you get a very very runny mixture if you pour the melted ingredients straight into the cream, and this makes putting it in the pie quite difficult (plus you don't get that nice fluffy texture). So, I put the mixture in the fridge to harden up a bit before pouring in. It did stiffen, but not to the extent I wanted and I didn't get that marshmallowy feel. Next time I think it would be best to chill the melted ingredients before folding into the whipped cream.
      Also, though I haven't tried my finished product I can state that it is very very sweet! Even when using the bitterest chocolate I could find. I think next time I'd like to try and even darker chocolate, and a crust with less sugar. Next time I make it I think I'll use less marshmallows and substitute with some even darker chocolate... Maybe even mix in some berries for freshness.
      Alternatively, I think this recipe would be great to use as a base for a Rocky-Road pie! I'm thinking you could add some crushed peanuts to the crust (The salt and savoury might even counteract the sweet) and top with fresh or glacĂ© cherries!

Skirt - Glassons
Top - S.E.S.
Apron - market in Port Stephens
Scarf worn as bow - Myer, Princess Highway

It's very important the chef checks the freshness of all the ingredients used!

 Quality control

My pie crust (turned out okay except for that air-bubble!)

If you've ever wondered what melted marshmallows look like...
 I had extra pie crust so I made some small ones, here's one I prepared earlier...

S'mini S'marvelous S'marshmallow pie! (with a tight nibble taken out of it)

And with a slightly bigger nibble!

I am yet to try the final "big" S'marshmallow pie yet as it's still chilling in the fridge (I'll update later with photos), but I think this recipe was a moderate sucess with room for more tasty improvements! I look forward to experimenting further! Thanks for reading,


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Just a note to tell you that I adore every single one of your posts. :)

Sarah said...

Thankyou very much!!! I really love your blog too but haven't been able to comment and tell you because blogger is being silly! May I suggest that you use a pop-out comment box? Because the problem seems to disappear when bloggers do that. I especially love the pictures of you and your pugs at the beach!!! So cute!! xoxo

w.s said...

oh dear god i'm sitting in a puddle of my own drool. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! hahahahahahahahaa freeze a piece and bring it to me on wednesday :D if it's anything like your pumpkin pie i'm sure it will be amazing! (man now i want the pumpkin pie too :[ ) hahaha! you look adorable! :)

w.s said...

oh and this new pop-out comment thing is like the best invention ever, i always had to refresh the page like a million times and keep pasting my comment again for the captha code to work before. yay! xx

Sarah said...

I wont freeze it because I'm pretty sure that'd do something weird, but I'll try and save some for you on wednesday... though it would probably melt... it's essentially a mousse! xoxo

w.s said...

ahahahahahaa could bring me particles of chocolate air and i'd still love it and you! awww man, anticipation!

esme and the lane way said...

Oh, so cute! You and your kitchen are gorgeous! That marshmallow pie looks so delicious... I might have to follow this recipe very soon x

Anonymous said...

Marshmallows and almost mousse. in a PIE!!!
thats gotta be one of my all time favourite desserts. and no i haven't tried it yet... lol

Sarah said...

:D So true Erin! Plus there was extra mousse, so all night everyone has just been subtely eating it with covert spoons!
And Esme, thankyou! I shall pass on the message to my parents (as technically it's their kitchen!) :P xoxo

hila said...

this looks deliciously sinful, and you look adorably sweet :)

Sarah said...

What a beautiful turn of phrase Hila! Thankyou! x

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

You look so cute and those pies look super yummy! Great post :)