Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage scavenger

Had a fair amount of driving today to chase down an elusive book for university, luckily on the way I found some treats.
 All for under $35!
Two pairs of leather gloves

And what's this? Why it's a Glomesh set! Complete with matching coin purse, mirror and tiny pen!

Plus two sheer gloves, perfect from spring weather or cocktail parties! I'm calling the ones of the right my Alice gloves, as them seem just perfect attire in which to fall down a rabbit hole.
I'm feeling pretty good about my little collection and the weather is just right for glove washing! What do you think?
See you tomorrow

Monday, July 25, 2011

A wiggle in her walk

Apologies for my absence lately, I've been spending the last week of my holidays visiting friends and attempting some sort of dometic bliss. I haven't successfully completed a sewing project yet, but I'm well on my way with a 1940's skirt pattern so hopefully I'll have something to show you soon. In the meantime I've been perfecting my granny skills with some knitting and tea in from of the television! A series I urge any vintage enthusiast to watch is the new series of Upstairs, Downstairs. If for no oter reason but to stare; the apartment they live in is splendid!
Finally I'll leave you with some pictures. I'm quite chuffed with my hair. I've always found victory rolls particularly challenging but I think this looks fairly decent. What do you think? Any hairstyles you've never been able to acheive?

Top, Purse and Heels - Vinnies
Pants - Portmans
Socks - Allanah Hill
Cardigan - Cotton on
Hat - gift from Thomas (thrifted)
Gloves - found on some lucky kurb


Monday, July 18, 2011

Finite Incantatem

Yes, I am a massive Harry Potter fan and though I will always, always prefer the books, I've also come to love the movies in all their blockbuster-like splendor. Orignally I wrote this tragic long post about Post-Potter Depression, but after blogger deleted it for the thrid time I decided to give out and just post some photos from the cinemas. Above I'm decked out in what I imagine I'd wear to Hogwarts... All I need is my wand.
Check out the inside of this coat! Woah!
It was very cold!

Looking very very excited outside the cinema

And here's James, trying his best to look menacing and battle-worthy. Note: these are actually his real glasses, minus the Spellotape.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brogues and Black

Trying to slide up the stairs, with varied success.
Skirt and Top - Vinnies
Cardigan - Cotton On
Shoes - Myer
1950's Hat - Epping Antique Store

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's go fly a kite

A few days ago Erin and I decided to battle post-potter depression and explore the picturesque Kiama. First stop... Lolly shop!
After indulging our sweet teeth (plural of sweet tooth?) the sugar highs kicked in and funny hats seemed all the rage.

Psychedelic man!

So warm and cosy we almost considered buying these two, but that may have been the strawberry clouds we consumed talking...

An example of the adorable shops smattered around Kiama. A cottage like this would go perfectly with my gypsy caravan...
Dress - 1950's from Canterbury fair
Bag - Paddington Vintage fair
Scarf - gift from Nanna
Bow - Allanah Hill
Jacket - Vinnies

It was tremedously windy up near the blow hole. *insert childish giggle here*

See! Windy!!

 Love that lighthouse, any "Round the Twist" fans out there?
Don't try this at home kids! I blame the sugar.
Danger! (There might be a Horocrux in there!)

Some blow hole related humour

Love x

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


*starts singing and dancing*
I've always loved Mary Poppins so I lept at the chance to see it live with my gorgeous friend Erin.
Sampling the cocktails
The production was fantastic. There was a few changes to the storyline and I did miss some of my favourite songs, but the giggling children in the audience and on stage more than made up for any longing.

I wore my new velvet opera coat from the 1950's. It's divine to wear, super soft, lined with a pink silk and only fifty dollars! I couldn't believe my luck when I found it.
Dress - Vivien of holloway
Hat - 1940's original from etsy

I'm obsessed with this ceiling! I dream of having an umbrella garden...

We couldn't resist some Poppin's posing

 The night really was... practically perfect in every way!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water for Elephants

I saw Water for Elephants a week ago, and I must say it lived up to expectations. Romantic and a bit predictable (even unbelievable), but entertaining due to fantastic animals and production elements. The old circus sets and vintage costumes were to die for, I particularly enjoyed the detail on the extras. Probably not a classic, but a good film to watched curled up with a bottle of fine champagne and a loved one. I wouldn't hesitate to watch it again.
Since we saw a fairly late screening I didn't want to bother with elaborate hair, so I went for a comfortable dress without too many details and tried to mimic the early thirties style of the film. (I wish I could do finger waves!) The shawl I borrowed from my Mum; I love it! So warm and cosy, plus I think the design is fascinating.
What have you been watching lately, I'd love both recommendations or horror stories! Have you seen Water for Elephants? All and any comments are thoroughly appreciated.

Final Sunset

Day Five
Yes, this is the final day of sunsets I'll post for a while and was the final day of my trip to Alice Springs. I had a wonderful time; the scenery is absolutely fantastic. I hope you enjoyed metaphorically joining me on my journey and that you'll do it with me again sometime, you really are a lovely travel companion! Until next time...

Saying goodbye to Alice Springs, the transport museum and the Northern territory.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The problem with skin...

An outfit I wore on a trip to the shops (makeup free)
Skirt - Glassons
Top and Cardigan - Cotton On Body
Belt - thrifted
Necklaces. Anchor - gift from Hilary, Watch - markets at Uni
Bag - gift from Wendy
I often forget about jewellery and focus on make-up, but lately I simply couldn't be bothered with the hassle cosmetics bring. My skin breaks out all too often and I feel exhausted after every failed attempt to clear it. Thus I like to give my skin a break and simply let it "breathe". I was wondering if I could draw on my knowledgable readers for advice, do any of you have trouble skin (oily, pimples, blackheads, dry spots)? What are your remedies? Do you swear by any brands (both makeup and skin care)? What foundation are you using?
I'm quite nosy, so I'd really like to know what your routine is and any tips you may have to offer! Thankyou in advance for any advice you give.

Another Museum

Spent Saturday searching through the powerhouse museum's storage facility, which is open every second Saturday of the month. On display was a gypsy caravan from 1914, complete with it's own fireplace! Oh, it made my heart melt. Click on the link to scroll through photos and find out more information about it. In my dreams I plan to live in a caravan just like this and travel around the world selling cookies and cakes.

Dress - originally 1940's but hemmed in the 1960's (very full!)
Boots - James' grandmother's
Socks - Sportsgirl
Cardigan - Cotton on with embellishments
Gloves - found in council clean up on the kurb
Scarf - no idea...
Bag - gift from my Nanna