Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Adelaide and Alice

I'm back from my short trip to Alice Springs. I had a fantastic time as it is certainly a unique place to visit; the people are genuine, the land is vast and the scenery is breath-taking (photographs really don't do it justice).
In pictorial form I'll give you a brief run-down of day one.

It started with a seven o'clock flight to Adelaide where I found some scrumptious chocolates.... Yum!
Then after a transfer, we landed in Alice Springs at around noon.
Notice the white bag? Those are the chocolates from Adelaide!

We headed straight for the lookout. We stayed a few kilometres past that gap in the moutains, backstage at the transport museum with a group of volunteers.
I took some photos in the museum, but there really isn't enough film! The place is massive and incorporates three smaller museums: The Ghan Museum (with three old locomotives!), A Kenworth truck museum (with road-trains that haven't even turned a wheel!) and vintage cars. Let alone all the machines that are yet to be put on display, there's practically an elephants graveyard of old vechiles waiting to be fixed up.
I couldn't resist a picture with this old jeep, it was used in the WWII.

Don't you love the old propoganda posters? I can't get enough of them!
A small taste of the machines on display (and I mean a very small nibble)

Inside the Kenworth museum

The top photo shows some of the junkyard and below you can see the finished machines.

Posing with one of the old Ghan carriages, and below is another shot from behind the scenes.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, tomorrow I'll show you some more photos from day one at sunset!


Thomas Bergin said...

looks great!
glad you're back

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