Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let's go fly a kite

A few days ago Erin and I decided to battle post-potter depression and explore the picturesque Kiama. First stop... Lolly shop!
After indulging our sweet teeth (plural of sweet tooth?) the sugar highs kicked in and funny hats seemed all the rage.

Psychedelic man!

So warm and cosy we almost considered buying these two, but that may have been the strawberry clouds we consumed talking...

An example of the adorable shops smattered around Kiama. A cottage like this would go perfectly with my gypsy caravan...
Dress - 1950's from Canterbury fair
Bag - Paddington Vintage fair
Scarf - gift from Nanna
Bow - Allanah Hill
Jacket - Vinnies

It was tremedously windy up near the blow hole. *insert childish giggle here*

See! Windy!!

 Love that lighthouse, any "Round the Twist" fans out there?
Don't try this at home kids! I blame the sugar.
Danger! (There might be a Horocrux in there!)

Some blow hole related humour

Love x


Anonymous said...

hahaha why do we have a sour face photo?? perhaps this was after the blue cloud??
i convienitnly finished on a jelly strawberry and an actual pink cloud :)
love you sare bear

Anonymous said...

also... I'm actually totally considering that beanie... loved it!
and another also... my hair looks somewhat red in some of these... weird!

Kate said...

I've given you a blog award :)

Anonymous said...

Round the Twist!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Wow!!! Thankyou very much Kate! I plan on doing a post about it thanking you properly once I work out my seven things. xox

Sarah said...

P.s. Erin, YEAh that beanie was awesome!!! So cosy!!! And other anon, yes, round the twist!!! Glad to know the fans are still out there. xox

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Loving that outfit.