Monday, July 11, 2011

The problem with skin...

An outfit I wore on a trip to the shops (makeup free)
Skirt - Glassons
Top and Cardigan - Cotton On Body
Belt - thrifted
Necklaces. Anchor - gift from Hilary, Watch - markets at Uni
Bag - gift from Wendy
I often forget about jewellery and focus on make-up, but lately I simply couldn't be bothered with the hassle cosmetics bring. My skin breaks out all too often and I feel exhausted after every failed attempt to clear it. Thus I like to give my skin a break and simply let it "breathe". I was wondering if I could draw on my knowledgable readers for advice, do any of you have trouble skin (oily, pimples, blackheads, dry spots)? What are your remedies? Do you swear by any brands (both makeup and skin care)? What foundation are you using?
I'm quite nosy, so I'd really like to know what your routine is and any tips you may have to offer! Thankyou in advance for any advice you give.


Kate said...

My skin has always been "troublesome" (oily, acne, blackheads etc). Although it still isn't perfect, it has improved a lot since I switched my old skin cleanser with plain old baking soda. I just mix a little with water to form a paste then rub it on and rinse. At night I also apply a little apple cider vinegar just using a cotton ball or a tissue.

I still haven't found a good foundation. I'm currently using some foundation my mother bought me but I don't really like it. I do however like my new "face powder". I ran out of my MAC facepowder and didn't have time to get more due to exams. I decided to try and use something on hand and discovered cornstarch makes an amazing facepowder! I had to practice applying it, but on my pale skin it works wonders and I think it has improved my skin as well.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the advice Kate! I really appreciated it. I might try the vinegar and facepowder idea xo

Ani said...

I know its an old one but drinking loads of water really does help! I break out if I have a day where I have't had enough.

I wash my face twice a day with any facewash I have on hand (i've never found facewash to make much difference between brands), I also found using a face scrub totally has made a change to my combination skin. I use the lush sea salt scrub with vodka in lime in it. It's amazing but awful when you try to use it when you have a hangover haha! As for moisturiser I use the Boot's own brand vitamin E range. It's soooo cheap but its better than any expensive brands I've ever used. And to fix break-outs or when I feel them coming on I use Sudocrem... yes nappy rash cream. It prevents break outs from getting out and stops pimples from getting any worse. It's the best skincare product I can reccomend. Hopefully I didn't overwhelm you!

Sarah said...

Ah ha! Thanks for this advice Ani, I've heard a lot about the Sudocream but I'm paranoid the oil will only exacerbate the problem... I think it calls for an experiment! That scrub sounds divine, I think I'll have to head to lush when my current exfoliator runs out. Thankyou very much! xox