Wednesday, July 13, 2011


*starts singing and dancing*
I've always loved Mary Poppins so I lept at the chance to see it live with my gorgeous friend Erin.
Sampling the cocktails
The production was fantastic. There was a few changes to the storyline and I did miss some of my favourite songs, but the giggling children in the audience and on stage more than made up for any longing.

I wore my new velvet opera coat from the 1950's. It's divine to wear, super soft, lined with a pink silk and only fifty dollars! I couldn't believe my luck when I found it.
Dress - Vivien of holloway
Hat - 1940's original from etsy

I'm obsessed with this ceiling! I dream of having an umbrella garden...

We couldn't resist some Poppin's posing

 The night really was... practically perfect in every way!


Ani said...

aww that looks so fun! I love mary poppins too.

- Ani x

La Fille D'or said...

oh gosh that umbrella ceiling is amazing!

Bette on Toast said...

ISN'T IT AMAZING??? I've seen it twice, once on it's initial, pre-London run for my 18th birthday, and then about four years later when it toured the UK. I loved how Bert tap-danced upside-down on the ceiling. And Mary really flew! Just because you could see the strings, doesn't mean it wasn't magic!

ANYWAY, I meant to comment on a totally different post, saying how much I like your blog and your flawless clothing style, but I got side-tracked by Poppins. But yes, I'm glad to have discovered your blog, all thanks to a throwaway comment about bacon!

Bette xxx

Sarah said...

Bette! :D
it is funny how things turn out but I'm so glad you've stopped by and checked out my blog! Those were definately the two best bits of the show, simply stand out! My mind was completely blown when she flew into the audience... Wow! Only other musical magic that tops that is when the chandelier falls in phantom of the opera. xoxo