Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage scavenger

Had a fair amount of driving today to chase down an elusive book for university, luckily on the way I found some treats.
 All for under $35!
Two pairs of leather gloves

And what's this? Why it's a Glomesh set! Complete with matching coin purse, mirror and tiny pen!

Plus two sheer gloves, perfect from spring weather or cocktail parties! I'm calling the ones of the right my Alice gloves, as them seem just perfect attire in which to fall down a rabbit hole.
I'm feeling pretty good about my little collection and the weather is just right for glove washing! What do you think?
See you tomorrow


Thomas Bergin said...

I think I speak for the other vintage lovers here when I say that these items must be done justice with various photos of you sassing about in them ;)

Gabrielle said...

I love this post to bits. Everything here made me swoon for more. I have a purse just like that by Whiting and Davis and it is my most valued treasure. I could also go on and on about my love for dainty vintage gloves (especially sheer ones). I love your vintage style. So classy and glamorous.