Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water for Elephants

I saw Water for Elephants a week ago, and I must say it lived up to expectations. Romantic and a bit predictable (even unbelievable), but entertaining due to fantastic animals and production elements. The old circus sets and vintage costumes were to die for, I particularly enjoyed the detail on the extras. Probably not a classic, but a good film to watched curled up with a bottle of fine champagne and a loved one. I wouldn't hesitate to watch it again.
Since we saw a fairly late screening I didn't want to bother with elaborate hair, so I went for a comfortable dress without too many details and tried to mimic the early thirties style of the film. (I wish I could do finger waves!) The shawl I borrowed from my Mum; I love it! So warm and cosy, plus I think the design is fascinating.
What have you been watching lately, I'd love both recommendations or horror stories! Have you seen Water for Elephants? All and any comments are thoroughly appreciated.


Thomas Bergin said...

Highly recommend Super 8. Has the feel of a classic 80's sci-fi but is more about the heart of the main characters and the struggles of childhood.
Watched Transformers tonight with the work crew, and as I had heard universally bad reviews, I actually enjoyed it. Story is nothing to write home about but the visuals were stunning and less dizzying and boring like the second film...
But yeh I don't think you like transformers so don't watch it.. :P
I can't believe Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's lips are real 0.0
Seeing Potter after having rewatched them all in the last few weeks (some a couple of times)

Kate said...

I saw Water for Elephants but I was just sort of "meh" about it. I loved the book but I didn't expect the movie to live up to it. So when the movie wasn't overly amazing I wasn't too disappointed. I did however love the style of the movie and the outfits :)

Sarah said...

I understand what you mean KAte, re-reading my post I seemed overly positive, but since I didn't expect much more than a cheesy romance I was happy with what I got. xo
Tom- thanks for the suggestion, I've been wanting to check out super 8 though 80's sci-fi normally irritates me... I have actually watched some of transformers, thought it was ok. xo