Monday, July 25, 2011

A wiggle in her walk

Apologies for my absence lately, I've been spending the last week of my holidays visiting friends and attempting some sort of dometic bliss. I haven't successfully completed a sewing project yet, but I'm well on my way with a 1940's skirt pattern so hopefully I'll have something to show you soon. In the meantime I've been perfecting my granny skills with some knitting and tea in from of the television! A series I urge any vintage enthusiast to watch is the new series of Upstairs, Downstairs. If for no oter reason but to stare; the apartment they live in is splendid!
Finally I'll leave you with some pictures. I'm quite chuffed with my hair. I've always found victory rolls particularly challenging but I think this looks fairly decent. What do you think? Any hairstyles you've never been able to acheive?

Top, Purse and Heels - Vinnies
Pants - Portmans
Socks - Allanah Hill
Cardigan - Cotton on
Hat - gift from Thomas (thrifted)
Gloves - found on some lucky kurb



Bette on Toast said...

Ahh, you look like you stepped out of the '40s. Really nice outfit!

Sarah said...

Thankyou x

Thomas Bergin said...

love the hat ;)
And those pants fit your shape stunningly :)