Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Somebody that I used to know

Busy with assessments today (and probably the rest of the week) but I thought I'd leave you with a song I am absolutely obsessed with lately: Gotye- Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra).

I really like the concept of this video and though the music is clearly the focus of the clip, the emotions these two were portraying were excellent and really touching. Only problem is that now I dreadfully want to go outside and do some body-painting
Also here's a quote that's inspiring me this week from Emily Goldstein who "has so much she needs to do, but is going to confront it with a happy, patient and humble heart". I hope to share her attitude and optimism.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amid the flowers, for a couple of hours

Had a nice (if somewhat long) lunch out at Palm Beach the weekend. Unfortunately the weather was a little grey, but luckily there were few spring flowers around!
Skirt - part of 1940's suit set
Shoes - Melissa
Bag - Vintage fair
Blouse - Glassons
Gloves - Vinnie's (Galston)
Cardigan - Forever New

What do you think of my flower? Too much?
Never! : P

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Autumnal mood

This dress was a gift from one of my Mother's friends. It is something I would never have picked out for myself, but now it's here, I find I really adore the rich earthy tones and the oriental feel. This often seems to be the way with many of my favourite pieces, which come to me through chance or careful op-shopping.

 Lately I've been trying to make my photos look a bit less "cheesy" and more fashion, ala Vixen Vintage's beautiful photographs. I really admire her ability to look collected and poised in every shot (even the funny and cute ones). After flicking through old magazines and scans, I'm challenging myself to mimic the ambiance and produce some more stylistic shots. This would have been a nice photo had it not cut off my head...

 Got my apron back on yesterday and made my first recipe from The Coronation Cookery Book, 8th edition, published in 1958.
Check out the advertising on the back cover! I love it!

 Ta-da! A Belgian Tea Cake! (Don't ask me what makes it Belgian...)
Served warm, as suggested, with tea and butter! (But I much preferred my own variation with maple syrup dripping down the sides, yum!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whispering Grass

Sometimes, when you have a lot of work to do, you just need suspenders to pull you through the day!
Top - Target
Shorts - Glassons
Suspenders/Braces - gift from James's grandmother

I love my Mum's daffodil's that have sprouted up recently. In my opinion, they are a distinctively happy flower (even though, one origin of their name "Narcissus" tells a decidely different story). In Greek mythology, Narcissus became so obsessed with his own beauty that he sat, staring at his reflection in a pond until he eventually starved to death. According to legend, the place where he died is where the first daffodil sprung up. When the daffodil wilts, it symbolises Narcissus admiring himself. So perhaps not the most optimistic legend...

Anyway, tales aside...
 See you soon!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Blue sky, white spots

Bought these "new" old "spin curlers" from etsy last week and I thought, with a new hair cut and colour, now was the perfect time to give them a try!

Isn't this advertisement awesome! That crazy Nancy Munks, doing her own hair! What will she think of next?
I found these curlers really interesting. The actual curling was quite simple once you got the ends tucked under and they were very easy to sleep in. But...
These sure did give me a 'fro! My curls were out of this world, completely giant bouffes of insane hair which, even after several brushes, refused to calm down. I think it has something to do with the width of the rod, much too thin... However, I refuse to give up on them just yet! Shall experiment further and see what happens. Luckily, I did some of my normal pin-curls in the rest of my hair, so I managed to hide the worst of the frizz under a giant sun hat!

Pants - Portmans
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Top and Hat - Vinnie's
Cardigan - Forever New

Hope your week is going beautifully!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The comedy store

In dire need of some laughs last week I went and saw Wil Anderson at the Comedy Store. I loved it. He's quick, he's witty and he's bold. I like his sarcastic style. He doesn't care if he treads on some toes, nor if he's a little crude, he makes some brilliant points. Most importantly to me, he advocated to lift the taboo on mental illness. I wholeheartedly agree. It's time people stopped looking at mental health like a weakness.

Well alright

Sorry for the absence. Perhaps you've been able to tell from the sparsity of my posts, or their lack of detail and imagination, that I've been feeling quite down lately. Feeling decidedly unlike yourself makes blogging about your life problematic at best.
Meanwhile, I'll catch you up on what I have been doing...
I got to celebrate the twenty-first of one of my lovely friends at the beautiful Victoria Room. The decor was dream-like, decorated in a lavish British-Raj style. I felt I had stepped into a movie and as such, I now have the overwhelming urge to watch Some Like it Hot! Sure they are not intimately linked but there is that delightful holiday vibe to both.
The birthday girl looked incredible and I was overly excited to give her our gift, a Courtney Brims print.
Sleeping Beauty
Courtney Brims' artwork is incredible. I could (and do) look at it all day!

Miss Hilary and Miss Lauren embracing the red lip fever
The night was made complete with magicans and aerial dancers weaving through the crowd astounding everyone. If you are in the mood for indulgence I thoroughly recommend The Victoria Room; their rose-petal cocktail is superb. So many thanks to Hilary for a brilliant night!
 My Rose-petal is in the middle, flanked by Erin's Ginger Ninja on the right and Lauren's Becalmed Daiquiri on the left

 Can you tell which one is from us?

 In case you can't tell, we are all miming bow-ties!
Sarah's Dress - Portmans
Bra prominently on display - Kiss me Deadly
Hat - 1940's from etsy

Monday, August 1, 2011


First week back at uni and not much to share as I've been struggling to find any sort of productive rhythm. Instead I'll leave you with some pictures... Hope you all had a great week!