Thursday, August 25, 2011

Autumnal mood

This dress was a gift from one of my Mother's friends. It is something I would never have picked out for myself, but now it's here, I find I really adore the rich earthy tones and the oriental feel. This often seems to be the way with many of my favourite pieces, which come to me through chance or careful op-shopping.

 Lately I've been trying to make my photos look a bit less "cheesy" and more fashion, ala Vixen Vintage's beautiful photographs. I really admire her ability to look collected and poised in every shot (even the funny and cute ones). After flicking through old magazines and scans, I'm challenging myself to mimic the ambiance and produce some more stylistic shots. This would have been a nice photo had it not cut off my head...

 Got my apron back on yesterday and made my first recipe from The Coronation Cookery Book, 8th edition, published in 1958.
Check out the advertising on the back cover! I love it!

 Ta-da! A Belgian Tea Cake! (Don't ask me what makes it Belgian...)
Served warm, as suggested, with tea and butter! (But I much preferred my own variation with maple syrup dripping down the sides, yum!)


Thomas Bergin said...

Loving the look of this post, with the outfit and the vintage ads! :)
I definitely think that sometimes the things that suit us most are unfortunately things that we wouldn't choose at first glance

Dial V for Vintage said...

Your dress is beautiful... the print is adorable! :) Hmm... I live in Belgium but I have never heard of that cake as being 'belgian'! :D

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

OMG - that dress! And I love your place, too.

sacramento said...

I adore the place, the pose, the dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I am following and adding you to my blogroll.

sacramento said...

You haven´t got a google gadget to follow, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.