Monday, August 1, 2011


First week back at uni and not much to share as I've been struggling to find any sort of productive rhythm. Instead I'll leave you with some pictures... Hope you all had a great week!


Thomas Bergin said...

Loving the skirt, blouse and jacket in the first two photos!
skirt especially is stunning

Sarah said...

Thankyou, it's a combination of two skirts. I'm craving a giant crionline so my skirt will be massive... we'll see x

Anonymous said...

Sare the dress that you took a photo of that you're not wearing.. in a shop?? its amazing!! where from??
p.s. its erin :P

Sarah said...

Right! Right!! :P
It's in a store in the Strand Arcade (ridonculously expensive but lovely) The whole shop is full of them, very Antoinette! xox