Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well alright

Sorry for the absence. Perhaps you've been able to tell from the sparsity of my posts, or their lack of detail and imagination, that I've been feeling quite down lately. Feeling decidedly unlike yourself makes blogging about your life problematic at best.
Meanwhile, I'll catch you up on what I have been doing...
I got to celebrate the twenty-first of one of my lovely friends at the beautiful Victoria Room. The decor was dream-like, decorated in a lavish British-Raj style. I felt I had stepped into a movie and as such, I now have the overwhelming urge to watch Some Like it Hot! Sure they are not intimately linked but there is that delightful holiday vibe to both.
The birthday girl looked incredible and I was overly excited to give her our gift, a Courtney Brims print.
Sleeping Beauty
Courtney Brims' artwork is incredible. I could (and do) look at it all day!

Miss Hilary and Miss Lauren embracing the red lip fever
The night was made complete with magicans and aerial dancers weaving through the crowd astounding everyone. If you are in the mood for indulgence I thoroughly recommend The Victoria Room; their rose-petal cocktail is superb. So many thanks to Hilary for a brilliant night!
 My Rose-petal is in the middle, flanked by Erin's Ginger Ninja on the right and Lauren's Becalmed Daiquiri on the left

 Can you tell which one is from us?

 In case you can't tell, we are all miming bow-ties!
Sarah's Dress - Portmans
Bra prominently on display - Kiss me Deadly
Hat - 1940's from etsy


Thomas Bergin said...
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Anonymous said...

Yayyy new post. I hope you're okay though :(..maybe some baking will make you feel a little better? *hug*. You looked very pretty at Hilary's :)
xo candace

Sarah said...

(as did you Candace! Spectacular. And I'm definately considering some baking...) xo

Anonymous said...

using my photos without permission? WHAT IS THIS?! hahahaha i kid, you looked so pretty :) and millions of hugs for you feeling down :(...JUST LOOK FORWARD TO FRIDAYYYY :D <3

Sarah said...

Yay Friday! (and since you admit you didn't take many of these, you negate responsibility of owning them) :P x