Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Whispering Grass

Sometimes, when you have a lot of work to do, you just need suspenders to pull you through the day!
Top - Target
Shorts - Glassons
Suspenders/Braces - gift from James's grandmother

I love my Mum's daffodil's that have sprouted up recently. In my opinion, they are a distinctively happy flower (even though, one origin of their name "Narcissus" tells a decidely different story). In Greek mythology, Narcissus became so obsessed with his own beauty that he sat, staring at his reflection in a pond until he eventually starved to death. According to legend, the place where he died is where the first daffodil sprung up. When the daffodil wilts, it symbolises Narcissus admiring himself. So perhaps not the most optimistic legend...

Anyway, tales aside...
 See you soon!


Thomas Bergin said...

Love the fringe! :)
And the mythology class!
very interesting

Bette on Toast said...

Adorable outfit! Your rolled fringe is perfect.