Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good intent

This is my favourite pin. I love the style of filigree, which involves fine threads of metal being stitched and soldered into lace-like patterns. My Nanna handed this down to me when I was younger, and while I have no idea about its age or price, it is very valuable to me. I always have my eye out for any similar pieces. The only problem is that since it's so delicate, I'm constantly afraid I'll damage it, so it rarely gets worn. However, today, I felt I needed the boost in moral to start some studying!

 I'm quite happy with my hair set! I did it on Sunday and it's held up till today!
1970's dress - mint condition
Shoes - Vinnies
Gloves - Alannah Hill
Shirt - gift from James' mother
Pin - my Nanna's



Tasha said...

Oh my goodness, you are just too cute for words. Love the outfit, the brooch and the gloves. Your hair looks fantastic! :)

Kate said...

Your brooch is absolutely stunning!!

Rhia said...

I am loving those gloves! They are perfect. And that butterfly brooch is so pretty. Wearing something you got from someone you love is always a bit scary. Keeping your eye constantly on the treasured piece is tiring :) but worth it.

Emily & Gracie said...

I LOVE your gloves. The whole outfit is really darling, but those gloves are insanely pretty!