Monday, October 24, 2011

Hair-band curls

Inspired by this video...

.... via Vixen Vintage's facebook page, I decided to try a new way of curling my hair.
I followed the same routine I use when I pin curl my hair; shower, dry till damp, spray with setting lotion or mousse, then attack!
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this set, you only need a large elastic hair band (but I did add some additional bobby pins to secure it). Essentially, you sit the hair band like a halo, take a piece of hair from the sides and tuck over the band. Keep going until all your hair is wrapped around.
Please ignore the tired-not-made-up face and over-exposure, it's the only way to show what my dark hair looks like!
My hair before going to bed.

 Stylish! Actually, this would make a cute hairstyle if the bow wasn't plastered firmly to my forehead!
 In the morning, after sleeping on the set. Unfortunately the hair right at the back was still damp. I blasted it with the hair dryer, but it came out a bit flat. Make sure your hair is just dry before wrapping, no more!

 Immediately after taking hair out, note it's quite "tendril-y"
 Before brushing
Before brushing. See the middle back is still quite straight, that is where it was still damp.

After brushing.
Verdict: This was a quick and easy way to style your hair if you don't have time for a full blown set. As you can see, the front pieces (near my face) have sort of seperated into barrels, whilst the rest of my hair fell into a gentle wave. This could be due to the dampness of my hair or the way I rolled it. In the future, I think I'd like to try rolling my hair under so it curls towards my face (as it normally does when I pin curl it). Otherwise, this is a useful style that would be particularly handy for a morning set, as you would have a cute hair-style to see you through the day and curls for the night!

Friday, October 21, 2011

a day in the sun

 Not much to write today, I was busy at the beach! What do you think of my new-old-but-still-new swimmers? They were very reasonably priced, only $30! I wore them to uni today with my 1940's white tennis shorts. Though the weather was rather hot, I needed to wear some tights and a light shirt over the top for modesty! I'm afraid I'm not posting any photos of the swimsuit on, because I'm feeling quite body-conscious, but you can spy a sneak-peak in James's vintage sunglasses!
Half sunglasses, half hat!
Hope you have a beautiful weekend
Love x

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New and improved!

In case you didn't know, I'm now on facebook! It is a page dedicated primarily to this blog filled with post updates as well as occasional ramblings and inspirations that may or may not make it here!
Hope to see you (virtually) there!

Mexican Mavis

*The title of this post has little to do with the content, I just like the song! (Mexican Mavis - Boy & Bear)*

You've seen this outfit before so I'll keep it short
Jumpsuit - Sportsgirl
Cardigan - myer

In the shade
Token dog picture

Love x

Thursday, October 13, 2011

People are strange

The paw under the door... (The name of a potential thriller?)
My dog, Amber, likes to be involved. In fact, bring out a camera, and she'll be there! Not to actually have her photo taken, no, no, you silly humans, but to run around like a crazy-dingbat (now with added tail chasing and catching!). Even after nearly a year of blogging, Amber still struggles to comprehend why I insist on prancing around for the camera. (see below)
 Yep... the girl is crazy....
Nevertheless, I shall prevail!
Today I'm wearing a recently altered 1950's Batik print dress from Bali, given to me by one of my Mum's friends (it previously belonged to their mother). It was much too big for me, but after some very basic adjustments I made it work. I was actually quite proud of my altering, given my meager sewing skills! I paired it with my favourite 1950's velvet hat and a less special cardigan and belt.

Love x

Monday, October 10, 2011

Billy Brown

 I've been dying to wear these rust-brown pants ever since I saw them in the shops, waited for months for the price to drop and then finally bought them! Unfortunately, if you're short like me, buying pants is never simple, and these beauties sat on my sewing pile for a month before I actually got around to hemming them.
combined top and vest - Myer
pants - Sportsgirl
hat - 1940's from etsy


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flowers, rain and cygnets!

 Last weekend I went to Floriade, a huge free flower festival in Canberra, with the lovely Candace and Andrea (the mastermind behind all these images, thanks chicken!). Though the dreary weather threatened to spoil our time, we made the the best of it and had a very muddy but enjoyable trip!
         Luckily enough, the rain actually enhanced one part of the festival! For the night, Floriade set up a light and sound installation that replicated a "storm for the senses". In a chamber of tall pines, gusts of wind and smoke accompanied crashes of thunder, while LED lights twinkled and flickered down on us. Standing in the middle of the installation was really impressive, I didn't want to leave! Every few minutes the "storm" would end and a song would start. As the music built up, the lights would flash in time, bouncing around and casting different coloured lights upon everyone.
 I love stage smoke and couldn't resist catching some in my umbrella (multiple times!)
 Playing ABBA in the electrical "storm"
 Eerily beautiful flowers in the middle of the night

 We also found.... swans with their adorbale cygnets! Don't mind the strange pose, I was trying to get as close as possible without scaring (or being attacked) by the adults!
More photos to come
Thankyou again Andrea and Candace for the photos and a great trip